Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm home from my business trip, but no White House. My meeting was in a suburb of DC and it was too long of a cab drive to get to down town. Not to mention I didn't have one free moment unless I went at 10:00pm, so I decided to pass this trip. So the only thing I was able to see, was the airport. However flying home I did take some neat pictures from high above in the sky.
I think this is the Potomac River.
I thought this patchwork looking field/grass was so neat. Not sure what they were at ground level, but doesn't it look neat?

Coming up to one of the great lakes. I think it was Lake Erie.

This was some island in the middle of one lake. I still can't figure out what it was by looking at some maps.

Downtown, maybe Detroit.

So my trip is over, I'm home and we have a long weekend. School was officially out yesterday in our town. The kids were beyond excited. My son has been bugging me constantly to let him ride his bike to school, so I let him do it yesterday. We have a couple busy roads he must cross so being the paranoid parent that I am, I followed him in my car. They only had class for 10 minutes, long enough to receive report cards, so I waited at the school to follow him home afterwards. And by the way, he did graduate. :) We are moving on to the 5th grade.

And now the summer begins. Even though I still work all summer, I'm trying to plan some fun things for my son to do with the babysitters, but also some weekend trips the two of us can take. I think it would be a good time to go exploring.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, we have a birthday to sissy's. Gotta go shopping for her first. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. A 5th grader!!!???!!! Oh my land. :) And, a handsome one at that. Aunts can say that by the way. Hee hee

  2. Who is that handsome guy? Big O