Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Lovely Saturday

A Saturday, full of pictures:

Sophie girl...cute as pie

My Dad in my Sister's new swing....he wasn't overly thrilled with it, I loved it.

A pretty geranium in my Sister's window boxes.
Tee-Tee and Simon Peter chilling in the swing...they both loved it too.
An afternoon rain shower, still coming but the sun quickly approaching from behind.
The clouds following the sun.
Rain drops covered everything.

Oh my garden loved the afternoon shower.

Tiger peeking out.
I love sunlight.

Calleigh loves it too.

Tiger just exhausted himself getting up from his nap. He had to go lay back down.
As dusk is drawing near, another storm is rolling in but the clouds are amazing.

Night time soon....and more rain will follow.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my Saturday too.


  1. What wonderful pictures. Hope your day was as refreshing. Hope you got a full thank of energy for your busy week at work. I love you Honey

  2. What a cute doggie I have. :) And your kitties are lovely to! Want to come over and swing with me?
    Luv you!
    Your sis