Friday, June 12, 2009

Abe Lincoln

I haven't done well in the blogging arena. Between work and Baseball, my life is consumed to the office and ball diamond. Needless to say, I'm sick of both. Don't see work going away anytime in the near future, but luckily baseball will. I have enjoyed many bits and pieces of the season, but we are into month #3 and I just want my evenings back.

Because we live with my son on 3rd base and my fanny plastered to a bleacher, I haven't had time to write on my blog, and I miss it! I know ya'll just think my life is incredibly interesting and you're dying to hear about it, so I'm sorry. HA! My life is boring to me, but there was something fun we recently did I'd love to share.
Last Monday my Sister, two nieces and my son went to Springfield, Illinois to the Lincoln Museum. The kids had been there for school functions, but my Sister and I had not been there yet. It was very interesting, loved to see and read the facts, and we took lots of neat pictures.

Can you see the oddball in the picture below? :)

Some of our more serious shots.

After the museum everyone was hungry so it was time for lunch. My sister spotted this cool restaurant on our way downtown that she saw featured on Food Networks, "Diner, Drive-in's and Dives". It was a diner, not a dive, yummy food and such a fun atmosphere.

I ordered the famous Horseshoe. It was yummy.

After lunch we headed back downtown to see Lincoln's home. I just can't imagine living like that, but on the other side I think it would be so nice to just have a simple life. I know they had their issues too, but sometimes I would rather work for myself, take care of my family and my home and not put a suit on to do it under fluorescent lights at a desk.

Once we were done touring Abe's house we headed to his tomb. The kids did not get to go here for their school events so they did find it very interesting. They kept asking, is he really buried here? Even to be a memorial, it was a beautiful sight. I'm so glad our country made such a large memorial for this great man to honor him.

Even if it is summer time my Sister and I were able to squeeze in a little history for the kids. It was great for us to witness as well and a really fun day for everyone. That is one item marked off our summer to-do list. Let's see....what's next?

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