Saturday, June 6, 2009

Car Show

My Dad, son and I headed to our little downtown tonight to check out a car show. Our poor town tries time and time again to have festivals and they just never go over too well. This was only a car show, but Dad and I were a bit surprised at the number of cars. They blocked off our down town area and they were lining the streets. My son was in hog heaven snapping pictures of probably about every car there. There was a band playing under the gazebo, and lots of people walking around.

I think Dad enjoyed it as well, he had all kinds of stories to tell about the old cars. On at least two occasions he said "I used to have that car, a 19** Chevy, blah-blah (I didn't pay attention to the year or model). Your Grandma used to have that 19** Ford, blah-blah! So my son would snap a bunch of pictures of the car, the car like PaPa used to have.

We could probably only walk 20 feet before my Dad would see someone he knew, so we would stop and talk. Then walk another 20 feet, and stop. Even my Son would spot people he knew, and we would stop. He saw men from the coffee shop, my Dad's friends, and we would stop and talk. I don't think I stopped to talk to anyone, but loved to sit back and watch those two. Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree, and I don't mean me.

Here was one car Dad said looked exactly like the one he had many years ago. It is pretty cool.

Then another car like Dad had, except his was a 4 door. He had to stop and talk to the owner, didn't even know him, that discussion lasted about 10 minutes. :)

One of my favorites.

Reminds me of GREASE for some reason, maybe the flames.

It was a fun evening, only lasted about 1 hour, but memories had by all. Sure does feel like summer time now. The sunburn I got at the baseball game helps a little too. I forgot about that sting. Ugh.

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