Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farmer's Market

This morning my Dad and I visited the local Farmer's Market. Talk about fun. I had never been to it before and if I had a ton of money, I would have bought one of everything. The vegetables were so abundant and beautiful. The flowers were just as pretty. Live music was playing up and down each row, it made you all warm and fuzzy inside. We made one full pass of all the vendors before making our first purchase, then we circled back around and decided who would come home with us.

Look at those bunches of radishes. Aren't the colors beautiful?

A few vendors had tomatoes already. That was my Dad's favorite pick.
I already have my herb garden planted but we got some basil for Mom. I think I sniffed every plant there. I made Dad do it too, but he didn't probably enjoy it as much as me.

This picture is fuzzy but look at this sweet little Grandma. I can guarantee she is a farmer's wife. She is sporting her plaid shirt and farmer's cap, sweetly arranging the new potatoes. I just thought she was the true image of this Farmer's Market.

Now, time to go make dinner with Mom and Dad with all of our goods!

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