Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Ready for the 4th

Today my Sister, Brother-in-Law and I went to a little Amish Community close to our hometown for a bit of shopping. My sister wanted to go to a favorite fabric shop; while she looked at fabric I suggested how cute it would be in the form of scrapbook paper. She made a very cute 4th of July banner (that I hope to get one of), so she went back for more fabric.

We walked past these cute wagons along the way, wished I could have had one.

From there we found a little antique store so we stopped to see what goodies they may have. Let's put it this way, my brother-in-law made it thru the entire shop by the time we were on row #2. He doesn't understand antique must browse very slowly. I've been looking for cute children's books and game pieces. This shop had both and they were extra cute. Not sure what I will do with them, but I have some ideas.

By now we were hungry so we drove to a very nice Amish grocery store for a homemade sandwich and some fruit and vegetables. My Sister has gotten me hooked on Olive Loaf. It's a type of lunch meat with olives in it. My Sister is particularly fond of Pickle loaf while my brother-in-law likes Old Fashioned Loaf. Guess we're just a loaf kind of family.
This guy rolled past the store on our way out. Wouldn't he be fun to ride on??

Next we stopped at a local butcher shop for some fresh meat. My brother-in-law has a new smoker and he wanted some ribs to try out. He came carrying out some big ole' slabs of meat. I thought it looked yummy, my sister can't stand to eat meat off a bones so she thought otherwise.

Our final stop was a firework stand along side the highway with all kinds of cool items. It's a good thing my son wasn't with me, he would have begged me to buy one of everything. Both of us picked up a handful of things, sure to make the 4th of July even more exciting. My son is on a vacation with his Dad and won't be home until July 5th, so we'll be having an extended holiday in our family so we can celebrate again when he returns home.

The goods that came home with me. My son will be in hog heaven.

It's really starting to feel like the 4th of July around here. The town we visited today has their firework celebration this evening. Lot's of parties going on and people in a festive mood. This is one of my more favorite holidays. Nothing feels like summer more than some fireworks and a good cookout.

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