Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to Reality

We are home....back from Michigan and have fallen in love with South Haven. I have never been to Michigan to see the Lake and it was beautiful. It really feels like the ocean because it is so large, but you get the pleasure of cooler temperatures. The water was chilly, I opted to stay out of it, but not my son. He swam regardless. The town was so cute and fun, we really did hate to leave.

I'll give you some highlights of our vacation for a few days. I took way too many pictures to share them all, I am kind of a photo nut so I always take a bunch. Everything was just so pretty I couldn't stop taking pictures.

The drive was only 4 1/2 hours, so close to home I can't believe we haven't discovered this place before. The majority of the drive was just getting from our home town to Chicago. Once you got around the city, the drive was beautiful and you could tell there was water near. We were both very excited when our GPS finally showed water. We couldn't ever see it because of all the trees, but we knew we were so close.

A girlfriend from work told me about Warren Dunes State park so when we came across the town we took a detour. Once you were driving in the park it kind of looked like our state parks...until you went up this big hill and then all of a sudden.....the trees opened up and suddenly you saw the lake. It was awesome and finally, we were here!

When we were finally able to take our eyes off the lake, we turned around to see the HUGE dunes.

I read that the dunes were around 330 feet tall and I would believe that. Of course the first thing my son said was "let's go climb them". I had to laugh because I knew immediately I would never make it. But nonetheless, we set off. I made it about 1/3 of the way up and about died of a heart attack. It started out good and I honestly thought "I can do this". Huh! That quickly ended as the slope got steeper and steeper. Colin on the other hand, did make it all the way and then proceeded to run down them as fast as he could. Long before he reached the bottom, he wiped out and ate some sand. That was when I was glad I never made it because I knew I would have wiped out too and then everyone around would have gotten a good laugh.

The dunes were sure pretty, but the beach was calling us. Colin wanted to grab is toys and find a place to play. Since we drove our car I let him bring more stuff to play with than normal and he had to bring his John Deere tractor and auger. It was the perfect thing to play with in the sand.

The waves were extra rough this day, but I loved the sound they made on the shore. Again, felt like we were at the ocean, but no yucky salt water.

Ocean or not, these fellas were still there. They may be water rats, but they are a lot of fun. They also know that people mean food so they stay very close to you, and every now and then, make their funny noise as if they are saying...."Hey, give me some food!".

Colin dug and dug in the sand and I just sat and soaked in all the glory. At this moment, I truly felt like we were on vacation and all the bad stuff from work was gone. Before we left I had a bad head cold and it made me feel extra crummy, but I noticed while sitting on the beach, I no longer could feel my cold or my allergies. Reason #1 why we need to move. :)

A couple hours passed and decided we better keep heading down the road to our destination, South Haven. Colin said he wanted some ice cream and spotted a McDonald's up the road. I told him, you can't have McDonald's ice cream, I guarantee there are ice cream stands around here. It was maybe 2 miles later we spotted this store front, and it would soon become our favorite ice cream joint.

Sherman's ice cream's home spot is Michigan. And later we would find out the actual factory is in South Haven. They had so many types to pick from, Colin opted for Cookies and Cream and I picked Cappucino. Ohhhhhhhh was it yummy.

Is this picture a true sign of being on vacation or what? Ice cream, flip flops, relaxed in a chair and all your cares are flowing by. Ahhhhh....I can even taste the ice cream.

So back in the car we go and finally we reached South Haven. Immediately I could tell this town was awesome. We followed the signs to downtown and when we saw the area, we loved it. We drove so slow to take it all in. In the distance, you saw the water and that famous lighthouse I was dying to see. Isn't it just so cute?!?!?!

Our first nights stay was in a Bed and Breakfast. It was so nice and the couple was extra friendly. Our first day in Michigan proved to be wonderful and I already loved this state.

Tomorrow, we do more sight seeing and spend time in our town.

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