Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bye-Bye Work

Do you know how good it feels to walk out of work when you are leaving for a week's vacation? It's sad to say, but today it ranked right up there to the day I took my last economic final exam and I knew I was graduating from college. Most of you would say, graduating is a larger event than just a vacation! Well, not for me in my sucky job.

I'm in a terrible rut with my job. I am constantly reminding myself to be thankful that I have employment since so many Americans have lost their job. Heck, we laid off 10% of our workforce so it did hit very close to home. Work has just been extremely busy with production and it is paying its tolls on the staff around me.

I am off from work Friday and all next week as my son and I head to Michigan. I have only been to Michigan once for work, but I did not get to see the area around the lake. I am so excited, I just want to put my feet in the sand. It may not be the beaches of Florida, but I don't mind. It definitely won't be Florida weather, I checked the forecast and it's only going to be around 61 degrees and should get to a high of 78 before we come home. Pretty cool, although we have had unseasonably cooler weather here too.

Don't care...I'll enjoy it.....I will be resting, shopping, eating, exploring and just enjoying my son without any drama from the work place. And hopefully my attitude will improve, and I'm sorry to the man I honked my horn at today and yelled at. If you are reading, I'll bring you peaches back as my peace offering. :(


Hi-strung, stressed out woman from Illinois, desperately seeking a vacation (and can't wait to see this lighthouse)

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