Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day #2 on Vacation

Day #2 on vacation started with a stop at a local fruit stand. Michigan is known for it's fruit, especially berries and peaches. There were many fruit stands along the road ways, such a blessing for us that love fruit. It is not only so much better than the grocery stores, it's also cheaper.

We bought some cherries and raspberries to eat on, very yummy!

Before we headed to South Haven, we wanted to go to Saugatuck to check out their dunes so we headed North. We first passed through the town of Douglas, another cute community and shortly after the town, we were passing some water and all of a sudden we both saw this huge boat. Of course we had to stop and check it out, so we made another detour.

The boat is called the S.S. Keewatin and was built in 1907. It is one of the last Great Lakes Passenger Steamships. The boat would cruise the Great Lakes and head to what is now Canada. It was a luxury Steamboat, kind of like the Titanic.
They offered tours of the boat and we both decided we wanted to check this out. We saw below deck where the engine room was, the middle deck where are the guest rooms were and the upper deck where the parties happened and the life boats.
It was fun to imagine people on the boat from the 1920's and what it would be like. It was such a classy boat, all the details were first class. Or at least they were for the 1900's. It was still in excellent shape.
My favorite room was the dining area. It was so fancy and pretty. The tables and chairs were screwed to the floor so they wouldn't move.
From there we headed to the top deck to see where the Captain drove this vessel. Colin was pretending he was the Captain in charge.

I'm sure glad we stumbled upon this big boat. It took 2 hours for the whole tour but we both agreed it was worth it. We jumped in the car and found Saugatuck finally. We spent some time downtown to do a bit of shopping and to grab lunch. Then we were off again to find the Dunes. We finally did and signed up for our ride. These Dunes were not on the shore front, instead there was a guy that drove a huge, open and loud jeep all around the hills for you to see them. It was not a leisurely stroll, he was going super fast up and down the hills, kind of like being on a roller coaster.
The kids on board loved it, I on the other hand wasn't thrilled with all the sand I ate and got stuck in my hair. But it was fun once we reached the top and was able to get out for a view of the dunes and the lake in the distance.

This is the jeep we were all piled in. It carried 15 people and our caravan had about 10 screaming girls on board. Our driver quickly admitted he didn't want kids. I could understand why.

Once we were done with the thrill ride we both agreed we wanted to get to South Haven and go swimming in the lake. So we headed South, checked into our hotel and headed for the beach. The temperature outside was around 70, the water was a chilly 60, but it was perfect weather to sit on a beach towel and soak in the sun. And of course snap a ton of pictures.
Pirate boat....more to come on that later.
Colin wrestling a shark. You didn't know they had them in Lake Michigan did you??? They are blow-up sharks purchased at the gift shop. :)
After a couple hours at the beach it was supper time. It was always fun to drive around and find a place to eat. Colin chose the 50's Drive In diner, you could eat in your car. He had Slider Cheeseburgers and I had fish.

We shared an order of Onion Rings and it's a good thing....look at the size of these things!
Dusk was quickly approaching and it was time to head to our hotel. We walked around the area and found an observation deck that over looked the lake. The sun setting was spectacular. Afterwards it was off to bed and a much needed rest.

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