Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday Night Baseball and Fireworks

(Lot's of video on this post....pause my music at the very bottom in order to enjoy the sound on the video)


Since my son is loving baseball these days and very sad that his season was over, I decided we needed to attend a Minor League Baseball game. Had to do a little research but was pleasantly surprised to find out we had Minor League park about 2 hours away from us. The Peoria Chiefs, Class A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs!!! The much better for PaPa to attend with us since he is a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan. On Father's Day I purchased 3 tickets for $30.00 and we were in row two, directly behind Home Plate. Perfect!

The game was last night at 6:30pm. I left work early and we headed towards Peoria. Walking into the stadium the field was beautiful. And even better, our seats were in the shade, which was a nice benefit given it was 92 degrees still at 6:00pm last night.

Once we got settled, we had to get a bite to eat. I mean for heaven's sake, we were at a baseball game so everyone must have a hot dog. It was very yummy too. So much better then cooking them at home.

During pre-game Colin took the camera to get a closer shot of the dugout. They were interviewing some of the players. Sorry, don't know their names. :)

Now it's time to "PLAY BALL". The game started, lots of action and fun stuff constantly going on. The same city had an Air Show going on today so last night all of the planes were practicing their stunts. The airport was next to the stadium so there were planes flying over doing flips and swirls all evening long. It was so cool to watch, I'm sure distracting to the players, but a double show whammy for us.

Homer is the Chief's Mascot. I guess he is a fire dog, one that sure did dance around a lot. He too was lots of fun to watch.

Video of Homer being silly with one of the Umps.


All night long the players would hit long drive foul balls to the sides of the park. When the players would shag the balls, they would throw them into the sidelines for the kids to have. As soon as Colin spotted this, he wanted to go sit over there in hopes of getting a ball. Sooooo, I tagged along in hopes of getting a few more pictures where the net would not be blocking my view. But needless to say, it was super hot in the sun so we didn't last very long. And in the end, they never hit a ball over there.....until we walked away. Go figure.

I found PaPa in the crowd and zoomed in on him. :)

During the 7th Inning Stretch, we all stood up and sang with Harry Carey on the video screen "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". A true Cubby Bear classic. Dad sang his little heart out. :)


By the time the 9th inning rolled around, it was dark and the stadium lights were on. I picked the game last night because they were having a firework display once the game was over. The Chiefs ended up losing the game 7-6, but it was a great game with so many memories to be made.

Once the game was over, the fireworks started and we all agreed, they were better than our hometowns fireworks on the 4th of July. The Chiefs must have a bigger firework budget than our town. They were phenomenal......and very, very loud in the stadium. Enjoy the video.


Last night was a great evening. The drive home was long and everyone was tired, but I know we need to do that again. I'm so glad God gave me a son, having him and PaPa to do "boy" stuff with brings me so much joy. And baseball is a pretty fun sport, even if I am a girl.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. The two guys in your life would make anything fun! Colin makes the best faces:)

  2. Sing it loud and proud Papa!!
    Daughter #1 :)