Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Some Red, White and Blue images from around my home and town. Our town celebrated the 4th of July last night with fireworks. It appears as though that was a good decision because today, the actual 4th, it is raining.

My front door decoration.

Since "Daisy's Are Her Favorite Flower", red, white and blue daisy's at my Sister's home.

While the kids played at the park, my Sister and I decided to take a cruise around town to get more pictures. Sophie Girl wanted to go to, however she needed to get dressed up for the occasion. We were looking for a bandanna to tie around her neck, but when we couldn't find one we settled for a do-rag. Instead of looking "cool", she more looks like Aunt Jemima. Nonetheless, she loved the drive.

Flags in a row.

Cool 57 Chevy we followed through the park. My Sister and I both wished we were cruising in that instead of my car. Sophie did too.

A farm home celebrating the 4th of July.

And when Sophie got tired of wearing the do-rag, my silly Sister decided to try it on for size.

Back home from our drive, my Sister's home is looking rather festive for the 4th of July. Her home is always beautiful.

Around her yard we found all kinds of red, white and blue again in her flower beds. This little lady bug is very cute in her shade of red.

My Sister's new bicycle, also decked out for the holiday.

This may not be red, white or blue, but I loved that I was able to catch Mr. Bumblebee getting himself some nectar from this flower.

These flowers look like a big firework exploding in the sky.

When dusk approached the whole family headed to our spot for watching the fireworks. Our town has a golf course which is right next to our park where the fireworks are set off, so we headed there for a good view. It turned out to be a great spot, and even prettier to look out over the greens of the course.

Here is Dad relaxing, waiting for them to start. I caught myself sitting like this at my desk the other day. Now I know where I get it from. :)

My Sister and two nieces all snuggled in waiting for them to start. We all had our homemade Carmel Corn, compliments of Mom. A family tradition for the 4th of July along with Dad's homemade Lemonade. A sugar buzz in it's finest.

And finally.....the show begins.

I sure hope it stops raining today so we can enjoy a little more of this special holiday. I'm so grateful I can live in a country where we have freedom and I feel so safe. I'm also so thankful for the men and women that help protect us so it can stay that way. I pray you have a very Happy 4th of July, and hopefully it is not raining on your parade.

Happy 4th of July