Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Goodies From The Garden

Our garden is not going that great. This is our first time to have one, but I had my Dad till part of our yard for the planting. I didn't think about the section very careful, because it is a low spot in my yard and retains water when we get a lot of rain. Well, this year we have gotten A LOT of rain, so it has killed off many of our plants. Very sad because I was so excited about having and abundant garden. I could never, ever be a farmer and live off the land. Talk about stress, I just get upset over a few tomato plants!
Nonetheless, we get a few things here and there. Tonight my son and I walked around and picked a few cherry tomatoes that are hanging on, our first bell pepper and first sweet pepper. I have no idea the name, Dad picked the pepper plants, but it does smell yummy.

If you look closely to the top left, you'll also see a small Roma tomato. Now all I need is an onion and some cilantro and we've got Salsa! Muy Bien! Time to eat, Adios Amigos!

1 comment:

  1. Hola senora! El gato es in la mesa? (I think my 25ish years ago of Spanish is a little weak since I tried to say the cat is on the table. I could of asked where the bathroom was I guess!) HA!
    Your crop looks good! And, I love your salsa. I will provide the onion and cilantro. Hint Hint.
    Your sis