Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Day #3

Our third day on vacation was a little more low key. Colin wanted to try his hand at fishing in the Great Lake Michigan. We headed downtown to the Hardware store to purchase worms (yuck). Colin talked to the man behind the counter to get his opinion on where we needed to go (such an adult in the making). After having his selected spot, we headed out. He fished, I took pictures. No surprise there.
He didn't have great luck catching anything, in fact he didn't even get a nibble. The only thing he did catch, was a duck. Well, in reality the duck wasn't paying attention to where he was swimming and ran into his line. Luckily it didn't get caught, but it was quite funny to watch the duck get in a tizzy over the fishing line.
Colin was fishing off the bank in the channel that leads into the Marina. It was very pretty to see all the boats in the Marina and those coming and going. Of course we were in awe with the yachts, some were as big as my house. But because of all the traffic, the fish were not biting so Colin got bored and wanted to go swimming, so we packed up and left.

Once again, Colin played for a few hours in the sand and would swim every once in awhile. He loved his new shark, I think it looked so funny in the water with him. All you can see in this picture is the shark's little snout. Can you imagine the Jaw's tune...I know you are humming it?

When we needed a break from the sand, we decided to finally walk out on the pier to get a closer look at the lighthouse. I just love lighthouses, any shape or size. This was one thing I couldn't wait to see, the lighthouse that was pictured on the South Haven website. Isn't it pretty, even if silly kids have written all over it?

Standing way out on the pier you could get a closer look at all of the houses on the beach. Everyday we drove along the shoreline from our hotel to the beach. I had my most favorite home, one I would drive by very slowly every day and just soak it all in. The home was HUGE, more than any family needs. But by golly I would sure have fun staying in it for one week.

Look at the front and behind pictures. Can you imagine being in your bedroom, waking up to the sun shining into your window each morning and looking at the view of the lake from your bed? Oh how lovely. I may never see it, but I can dream it.

This was the extent of our day. Oozing over sun, sand, lighthouses and mansions on the water. What could be better?


  1. WoW.......House or Hotel? I would need a GPX to just get around,if this is what they are called. You do take excellent pictures. Makes you wish you were there.