Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation Day #4

Well, believe it or not, we went to the beach again! If you have never taken a kite to the beach, it is a must-do. They have the perfect breezes, no high wires, and the most beautiful views. We took Buzz Lightyear with us and he flew wonderfully.
And here is yet another picture of the lighthouse and a sailboat caught going by.

When we got to the beach early, I loved to see all of the foot prints in the sand. Footprints of the seagull fellers. I think they have parties on the beach late at night while no one is around. Probably bomb fires, loud music and dancing.

One of only two pictures of me on our whole vacation. Being a single Mom, unless I ask others to take our pictures, I'm not in a whole lot. But that's OK, I would rather take than be taken. Colin took this one of me high in the dunes.

One of the highlights for today was the cruise we took on a pirate ship. It was named Friend's Good Will, and required the assistance of all crew members on board to hoist the sails. Colin LOVED it and was ready to work whenever called upon.

Here is a video of him helping one of the lady pirates on board. Actually we were told it was bad luck to have females on the boat not only because it was full of men, but because the superstition was they brought bad luck. Leave it up to the men to blame the bad luck on the women. I'm here to say, we brought no bad luck the day we set sail.
One of my favorite pictures looking up into the sails with the sun shinning and the clouds all around. It was a very peaceful ride.

Back on dry land, it was back to the beach. Colin decided to play in a big hole someone dug. It about swallowed him up. Notice the birds hanging out behind him.

And finally a rain cloud rolled in and it was time to pack up and head back to our hotel. Even the rain clouds were more pretty in Michigan. Yet another reason to move to Michigan!


  1. You are making me want to move....and my porch is not finished yet!!!

  2. Such Great pictures...No wonder you want to move. Can the whole family go with you. I hear the winter snows are deep up there. I would go from a beach bum to a hybernating bear.