Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scrappin' for the Birthday Club

How was your weekend? Mine was nice, but so sad it's already over.

We celebrated another birthday in the "Birthday Club". Our girlfriend Lori had her birthday so it was by all means a reason to celebrate. I wanted to make her something homemade, so I made a tiny family album for her to add her own pictures to. My sister made a lovely dinner for all of us and we spent hours cackling on her patio which is what all girlfriends do when they get together.

I think her family album turned out pretty cute.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Did some crafting, cleaning, painting, whatever caught my fancy. It was rather chilly this weekend, not sure I was ready for that since it is a sign fall is around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I love fall, but I'm just not ready for summer to be over.

Here are a few more pictures to share. I caught Tiger admiring himself in front of a mirror I had standing on the floor. I'm sure he is bragging about how handsome he is.

My sunflowers are doing very well in the garden. They were the only thing that did well in my garden this year. Oh bother.

Sunday night, showers have been had, windows are closed because it's so chilly outside, and it's plenty dark. The days really are getting shorter. Guess I better come to grasp with this fall business, it's coming whether I want it or not.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Autumn is Coming

Soon the farmers will be in the fields.......

Spiders are making their webs all over............

The first football game was played tonight in town........

The days are getting shorter.......

Autumn is coming.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Illinois State Fair

Saturday Colin and I headed to the Illinois State Fair for one last play-date before summer wraps up and we head into fall. I'm not a huge fan of fairs, but I was hoping the State Fair was a little more classy than others and I am happy to report it was. However, it was still extremely expensive and I have no idea how a family of 4 could afford to attend. Nonetheless, we made the most of it and only did what we really, really wanted to do.

We walked around for a bit to look at some of the exhibits and animals visiting the fair. It isn't everyday you get to see a white tiger, so I forked out the extra money to see these big fellers since Colin loves tigers. We stood and watched them for a long time, but the whole time I had this feeling they were looking at us as if we were a huge turkey leg.

One memory I have of the fair when I was little was riding the sky walk. It was a fun way to see all the fair from high above and survey where you wanted to go next. We took the skywalk from one end of the fairgrounds to the other and then slowly worked out way back.

All of the rides around were pulling at Colin so I finally gave in and we bought a handful of tickets and jumped on. My all time favorite fair ride is the Tilt-A-Whirl. It is so much fun when that sucker starts spinning so fast you can't even pull your head off of the back mat and you are screaming so loud. I was trying to snap pictures of Colin while spinning and got some funny shots.

We rode some other fun rides too, not as many as Colin would have liked, but we burned through our tickets pretty quick.
We DID NOT ride this one, I would have thrown up my corndog.

Colin really wanted to play some games so I decided to look at some to see how they worked (or possibly cheated you) and how much they cost. I was quickly learning that everything cost something, so it all depended on how much you wanted to fork out.
I remember standing by my Mom and many fairs while she played games in hopes of winning me a stuffed animal. I always came home with one, so she must have done well. The stuffed animals have not changed over the years, and Colin wanted one just as bad as I did, so we tried our hand at a few.
Another favorite was Whack-A-Mole, so we bellied up to the moles, grabbed our mallet and when the bell rang we started whacking. The first round, neither one of us one. The second game, I just had Colin play and he WON! He was so excited, but so was I because now I knew we could stop throwing money away on games. :)

I particularly liked these guys from the Wizard of Oz.

Colin played another game that cost .25 cents per game, so it was a bit more reasonable. He ended up picking out an orange turtle with his winning coupons. OK, now we were done with games and I got us out of the area so there were no more temptations.

One neat thing the Illinois State Fair is known for is the butter exhibit where they make a sculpture out of pure butter. It is normally a cow, but this year they put Abe Lincoln with the cow. It's amazing what they can do with butter, I'm just famous for melting it and pouring it over popcorn.

Food was plentiful at the fair, too many great things to try, but they did look yummy. Except for this booth.

I opted for these instead (with vinegar). Yummy!!!!

Another fair favorite is taffy, but I love Black Walnut. Something Mom introduced me to many years ago, so we brought her home some as well.

With tired legs, full tummies and an empty wallet we decided it was time to head home. The weather was extra pretty for us and made the day even more enjoyable. Brought back lots of fun memories and hopefully we made some my son will remember too for many years.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Look what the storm produced last night in our hometown. If you look closely, you can see rainbow #2.
I'm not sure I have seen a rainbow so bright with distinct colors. It was pretty, even if I about lost my life due to lightening trying to get the best shot. Sacrifice for a good picture.

Well Murphy the fish is still alive but Colin noticed something tonight while feeding him. He has a bulging eyeball. I googled it and it's called popeye (a bit disgusting). Come to find out it's an infection due to poor water quality. Crap! Just when I thought I was doing good with fish #2. They make antibiotic drops you put in the water and it claims to clear it up. I'll go to the fish store tomorrow and admit my guilt and find these drops. We changed his water in hopes that would help him survive the night. Say a prayer for Murphy (and me and Colin).

I swear, if this fish dies, don't let me buy another one.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School....1st Week in Home

Today was back to school day in our hometown. I must say, I wasn't really looking forward to it. Call me one of the weird Mom's, but I wasn't ready for summer break to be over. The main reason, I'm not ready for homework. Our evenings are so short, I hate the idea of homework consuming our time, but it's too bad, it's time.

We've been taking pictures on the 1st day of school since Pre-school, so this year was no exception. It was a cloudy, rainy day so the outside pictures are not wonderful, but they work. At 6:30am my son was awake ready to start his day. He, unlike me, was ready to go. I'm sure the excitement will wear off, but I'm happy he enjoys school and was ready to get back in the swing of things.

Since he was ready at the crack of dawn, we had time to kill before he could be dropped off so we headed to my sister's house. I was able to get a picture of all three kids, another tradition we have started the last few years.

As I dropped Colin off, he anxiously headed into school and his freaky Mom snapped more pictures of him when he wasn't looking. I'm sure some parents in the drive thought I was nuts, but I don't care. It was hard letting go again. Today was another reminder that he is growing fast, whether I want it or not.

So besides the excitement of school, we have another exciting thing to share. Our family grew again over the weekend....we replaced the void of a fish in our house. Ever since Theodore went to fishy heaven, Colin has asked a million times if he could get another fish. So last weekend we headed to a well known fish store (not Meijer or Wal-Mart) so I could ask some questions about raising and not killing a fish.

I learned that goldfish are not meant to keep in a bowl. They do not get the oxygen they need and they produce so much "waste", the ammonia in the water can also kill them. Sorry Theodore I found out the hard way. After much discussion and the decision to NOT invest in a small aquarium, we went with a Beta fish. They are very successful in a bowl, even though they are not very active creatures.

So.....welcome Murphy.

We know for sure it is a male, or at least the lady at the fish store told us that. Colin came up with the name Murphy after our beloved kitty that died a couple years ago. It just feels weird to call the fish Murphy when I had the kitty for 13 years, but it's Colin's fish so I can live with it.

He is very pretty isn't he?

Let's hope and pray he survives longer than 9 days. I promise to do my best to raise him well. So far the kitties in the house do not know he has taken up residency. He came home, relocated into his new bowl and immediately was placed high on a shelf in Colin's room. Away from light, drafts, and cat claws. Long live the fish!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Books For Me

I recently did some shopping on Amazon to purchase some new books. The first is my favorite, "Teardrops and Tiny Trailers". A while ago my son and I discovered the Teardrop camper. It may look funny to you, but small and sweet is all we need. I have grown up camping and would love to have my own camper, but being a single Mom with a small car and only a little bit of courage, a big camper is too much for me. But this little feller is just right.
Do you see how the back opens up to reveal your little kitchen? Throw a tent over that and you have a perfect set up. You sleep inside, may be a bit cozy but we don't need a lot of space. Colin is begging to get one, but I must research more and see where I can find them. Appears as though they are more popular in the California area. Guess we could take a vacation, drive there to get one and camp the whole way back! Oh I wish.

The next book we saw in Michigan while on vacation and shopping in some stores. It is a book on family vacations and how they became popular in the 1950's and where families visited. I love all things "vintage" and it has some very neat pictures. Just a fun little bedside book.

My next purchase was a book by Ali Edwards. I have a link to her blog in my sidebar. She is such an inspiring lady and I love her work. Her pages are so simple yet give such an impact and I just love how she pulls it all together. The book is about how to incorporate pattern paper on your pages with very cool ideas. My scrapbook this weekend while my son is at his Dad's. Last who-rah before school starts.

Looks like I'll be vegging out at home this weekend, eating gourmet frozen pizza and creating a huge mess in my scrapbook room. My room been lonely this summer so it's time to stir up a mess. Maybe I'll actually make something and have pictures to share.

Happy Almost Weekend!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Theodore went to fishy Heaven today. The kitties did not have any part to play in his descendant to Heaven, he was locked away safely for the day. The really bad news, my son was the first to find him, floating, when we got home from work. All I heard was screaming from the garage door as I was grabbing the groceries...."Theodore is dead!". Ugh.

He didn't quite get the burial that Murphy kitty got. He got the ride via the royal throne instead. I remember watching my Mom flush many fish down our toilet. I suppose it's part of my motherhood, to follow in her footsteps and flush a fish.

Theodore, may you rest in peace where ever that may be. And thank the Lord your life was spared by two hungry kitties.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Heritage

Today we had a family reunion from my Dad's side of the family. I wasn't really looking forward to going because normally I am the youngest person (at almost 40) in attendance. But once I got there, I really enjoyed myself.

There were so many pictures to look at that I loved to see. Pictures of Grandma and Grandpa that I had never seen before and pictures from my Grandma's family. It's nice to see where you came from, even if I never knew these people. I did however see my Sister in many of the pictures of my younger Grandma. And from there, I saw my niece as well.

Here are some of my favorites from today.

This photo album was my Grandma's. I begged my Aunt to give it to me some day. Hopefully I can at least borrow it to get these photos scanned of my long lost family.

Siblings - My Dad and My Aunt Doris.

This is a picture taken at some one's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I was looking at the picture and my eyes were drawn directly to my Grandpa. My Dad looks so much like his Dad, it's amazing. My Grandma is standing next to him, they are the couple in the back row, very far right.

This is a picture I have never seen before, my Grandparent's Wedding picture. They were married on Valentine Day's, how sweet is that?!

My Great Grandma comes from a family of six girls. Her name was Maudie. All six sisters had family and many were at the reunion. Of the six girls, five of them had family members represented today.

There are only two children surviving that are descendants of the six sisters, both of them were at the reunion. They had the honor of cutting the cake.

Today was fun. Fun to watch Dad look at pictures of his family, fun to watch him talk to his sister and reminisce about days gone by, fun to see people I'm related to all because of six sisters.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fish Food, Cat Food, what do you think???

Well Theodore is still alive, but his life has been spared a couple times. My son seems to think that Theodore must travel throughout the house and be in the rooms that we are in. The other night he brought him to the Family Room, decided later to go ride his bike so he went outdoors. I had gotten up to go into the kitchen to only come back find Calleigh with her head in the fish bowl.

I instantly screamed, she looked at me as if I was crazy and proceed to stick her paw in the bowl. Then, big, bad brother Tiger wanted to get in on the action, so he came running. Before I knew it, the two fur-balls had surrounded the fish and WANTED HIM!
Of course I had to grab my camera before I saved the fish, it was just too funny. Theodore didn't have a scratch on him, neither kitty wanted to get wet so they didn't get very far with the bowl.
Tonight I dropped my son off at overnight church camp for the first time ever. A bit sad, but I knew he will have a blast and it's only for 2 days. I came home to check my e-mail and knew Theodore was locked safely in my craft room. I was sitting at my desk reading e-mail and I turn around to this......
Do you think Theodore can feel the eyes piercing through his bowl and feel the danger surrounding him? He will be safe, kitties will get locked out of the room tonight so no homicides will need reported in the morning.
Good grief, it's only day 4 of having the fish in our house. I still bet his life will be short lived.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Family Member

My son was at his Dad's this weekend, but when he came home, he didn't come home solo. It appears as though they bought a fish and "Theodore" came home too. Colin proceeded to tell me that he wouldn't get to see him very much at his Dad's, so he had to come home. Great.

Here is what I envision. We come home from work some day and the fish is gone from the bowl. All we find are some remains, chewed up and laying all over the floor to only wonder....who did this? The verdict, Calleigh or Tiger, or maybe a combination of both. This is the reason we have never gotten a fish, we have two cats WITH CLAWS! And no where in this house is there an "off limits" area. Well, at least in their books no where is off limits. Nevermind what the Mama says.

So for now, Theodore gets locked in Colin's bedroom so he doesn't become cat food. This morning he was in my craft room and Calleigh found him. Let's just say that she instantly was inspired to get to him and wouldn't back down. So Theodore was locked back up in Colin's room. Heaven help the fish.

We had company over last night for dinner and we all ate outside on the patio. Colin brought Theodore outside with us so he too was part of the conversation. Colin wanted to put him in our new fountain outside, but we all agreed that would put an end to his life so he better stay put in his bowl.

We'll see how long Mr. Fish makes it around here. I'll do my motherly part by keeping the two cats away from him. I just hope if he does get "caught" someday, I'm the first to find him so we don't have that trauma to live with. Ugh.