Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of School....1st Week in Home

Today was back to school day in our hometown. I must say, I wasn't really looking forward to it. Call me one of the weird Mom's, but I wasn't ready for summer break to be over. The main reason, I'm not ready for homework. Our evenings are so short, I hate the idea of homework consuming our time, but it's too bad, it's time.

We've been taking pictures on the 1st day of school since Pre-school, so this year was no exception. It was a cloudy, rainy day so the outside pictures are not wonderful, but they work. At 6:30am my son was awake ready to start his day. He, unlike me, was ready to go. I'm sure the excitement will wear off, but I'm happy he enjoys school and was ready to get back in the swing of things.

Since he was ready at the crack of dawn, we had time to kill before he could be dropped off so we headed to my sister's house. I was able to get a picture of all three kids, another tradition we have started the last few years.

As I dropped Colin off, he anxiously headed into school and his freaky Mom snapped more pictures of him when he wasn't looking. I'm sure some parents in the drive thought I was nuts, but I don't care. It was hard letting go again. Today was another reminder that he is growing fast, whether I want it or not.

So besides the excitement of school, we have another exciting thing to share. Our family grew again over the weekend....we replaced the void of a fish in our house. Ever since Theodore went to fishy heaven, Colin has asked a million times if he could get another fish. So last weekend we headed to a well known fish store (not Meijer or Wal-Mart) so I could ask some questions about raising and not killing a fish.

I learned that goldfish are not meant to keep in a bowl. They do not get the oxygen they need and they produce so much "waste", the ammonia in the water can also kill them. Sorry Theodore I found out the hard way. After much discussion and the decision to NOT invest in a small aquarium, we went with a Beta fish. They are very successful in a bowl, even though they are not very active creatures.

So.....welcome Murphy.

We know for sure it is a male, or at least the lady at the fish store told us that. Colin came up with the name Murphy after our beloved kitty that died a couple years ago. It just feels weird to call the fish Murphy when I had the kitty for 13 years, but it's Colin's fish so I can live with it.

He is very pretty isn't he?

Let's hope and pray he survives longer than 9 days. I promise to do my best to raise him well. So far the kitties in the house do not know he has taken up residency. He came home, relocated into his new bowl and immediately was placed high on a shelf in Colin's room. Away from light, drafts, and cat claws. Long live the fish!

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  1. Oh good! Another nephew. And yes....his color is very dapper and handsome. :)
    I will feel like you next year when I take Shelby to the high school. Boo hoo!!! :(
    Love you little sis.