Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fish Food, Cat Food, what do you think???

Well Theodore is still alive, but his life has been spared a couple times. My son seems to think that Theodore must travel throughout the house and be in the rooms that we are in. The other night he brought him to the Family Room, decided later to go ride his bike so he went outdoors. I had gotten up to go into the kitchen to only come back find Calleigh with her head in the fish bowl.

I instantly screamed, she looked at me as if I was crazy and proceed to stick her paw in the bowl. Then, big, bad brother Tiger wanted to get in on the action, so he came running. Before I knew it, the two fur-balls had surrounded the fish and WANTED HIM!
Of course I had to grab my camera before I saved the fish, it was just too funny. Theodore didn't have a scratch on him, neither kitty wanted to get wet so they didn't get very far with the bowl.
Tonight I dropped my son off at overnight church camp for the first time ever. A bit sad, but I knew he will have a blast and it's only for 2 days. I came home to check my e-mail and knew Theodore was locked safely in my craft room. I was sitting at my desk reading e-mail and I turn around to this......
Do you think Theodore can feel the eyes piercing through his bowl and feel the danger surrounding him? He will be safe, kitties will get locked out of the room tonight so no homicides will need reported in the morning.
Good grief, it's only day 4 of having the fish in our house. I still bet his life will be short lived.

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