Sunday, August 23, 2009

Illinois State Fair

Saturday Colin and I headed to the Illinois State Fair for one last play-date before summer wraps up and we head into fall. I'm not a huge fan of fairs, but I was hoping the State Fair was a little more classy than others and I am happy to report it was. However, it was still extremely expensive and I have no idea how a family of 4 could afford to attend. Nonetheless, we made the most of it and only did what we really, really wanted to do.

We walked around for a bit to look at some of the exhibits and animals visiting the fair. It isn't everyday you get to see a white tiger, so I forked out the extra money to see these big fellers since Colin loves tigers. We stood and watched them for a long time, but the whole time I had this feeling they were looking at us as if we were a huge turkey leg.

One memory I have of the fair when I was little was riding the sky walk. It was a fun way to see all the fair from high above and survey where you wanted to go next. We took the skywalk from one end of the fairgrounds to the other and then slowly worked out way back.

All of the rides around were pulling at Colin so I finally gave in and we bought a handful of tickets and jumped on. My all time favorite fair ride is the Tilt-A-Whirl. It is so much fun when that sucker starts spinning so fast you can't even pull your head off of the back mat and you are screaming so loud. I was trying to snap pictures of Colin while spinning and got some funny shots.

We rode some other fun rides too, not as many as Colin would have liked, but we burned through our tickets pretty quick.
We DID NOT ride this one, I would have thrown up my corndog.

Colin really wanted to play some games so I decided to look at some to see how they worked (or possibly cheated you) and how much they cost. I was quickly learning that everything cost something, so it all depended on how much you wanted to fork out.
I remember standing by my Mom and many fairs while she played games in hopes of winning me a stuffed animal. I always came home with one, so she must have done well. The stuffed animals have not changed over the years, and Colin wanted one just as bad as I did, so we tried our hand at a few.
Another favorite was Whack-A-Mole, so we bellied up to the moles, grabbed our mallet and when the bell rang we started whacking. The first round, neither one of us one. The second game, I just had Colin play and he WON! He was so excited, but so was I because now I knew we could stop throwing money away on games. :)

I particularly liked these guys from the Wizard of Oz.

Colin played another game that cost .25 cents per game, so it was a bit more reasonable. He ended up picking out an orange turtle with his winning coupons. OK, now we were done with games and I got us out of the area so there were no more temptations.

One neat thing the Illinois State Fair is known for is the butter exhibit where they make a sculpture out of pure butter. It is normally a cow, but this year they put Abe Lincoln with the cow. It's amazing what they can do with butter, I'm just famous for melting it and pouring it over popcorn.

Food was plentiful at the fair, too many great things to try, but they did look yummy. Except for this booth.

I opted for these instead (with vinegar). Yummy!!!!

Another fair favorite is taffy, but I love Black Walnut. Something Mom introduced me to many years ago, so we brought her home some as well.

With tired legs, full tummies and an empty wallet we decided it was time to head home. The weather was extra pretty for us and made the day even more enjoyable. Brought back lots of fun memories and hopefully we made some my son will remember too for many years.


  1. Yep it brings back memories of 2 little girls having a day of fair fun. I thought it was costly way back Then. You had wonderful weather, usually so hot you could faint by getting over heated.I remember one fair you brought home a teddy bear almost to big to fit in the car.

  2. Great pictures, looks like a perfect day!

  3. Um...that tiger needs to bleach his teeth. They look a bit yellow. Just saying. And that taffy...someone could pull out a filling with that. You know...I am just looking out for peoples teeth and all. Hee Hee! Glad you both had fun!