Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Heritage

Today we had a family reunion from my Dad's side of the family. I wasn't really looking forward to going because normally I am the youngest person (at almost 40) in attendance. But once I got there, I really enjoyed myself.

There were so many pictures to look at that I loved to see. Pictures of Grandma and Grandpa that I had never seen before and pictures from my Grandma's family. It's nice to see where you came from, even if I never knew these people. I did however see my Sister in many of the pictures of my younger Grandma. And from there, I saw my niece as well.

Here are some of my favorites from today.

This photo album was my Grandma's. I begged my Aunt to give it to me some day. Hopefully I can at least borrow it to get these photos scanned of my long lost family.

Siblings - My Dad and My Aunt Doris.

This is a picture taken at some one's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I was looking at the picture and my eyes were drawn directly to my Grandpa. My Dad looks so much like his Dad, it's amazing. My Grandma is standing next to him, they are the couple in the back row, very far right.

This is a picture I have never seen before, my Grandparent's Wedding picture. They were married on Valentine Day's, how sweet is that?!

My Great Grandma comes from a family of six girls. Her name was Maudie. All six sisters had family and many were at the reunion. Of the six girls, five of them had family members represented today.

There are only two children surviving that are descendants of the six sisters, both of them were at the reunion. They had the honor of cutting the cake.

Today was fun. Fun to watch Dad look at pictures of his family, fun to watch him talk to his sister and reminisce about days gone by, fun to see people I'm related to all because of six sisters.

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