Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Books For Me

I recently did some shopping on Amazon to purchase some new books. The first is my favorite, "Teardrops and Tiny Trailers". A while ago my son and I discovered the Teardrop camper. It may look funny to you, but small and sweet is all we need. I have grown up camping and would love to have my own camper, but being a single Mom with a small car and only a little bit of courage, a big camper is too much for me. But this little feller is just right.
Do you see how the back opens up to reveal your little kitchen? Throw a tent over that and you have a perfect set up. You sleep inside, may be a bit cozy but we don't need a lot of space. Colin is begging to get one, but I must research more and see where I can find them. Appears as though they are more popular in the California area. Guess we could take a vacation, drive there to get one and camp the whole way back! Oh I wish.

The next book we saw in Michigan while on vacation and shopping in some stores. It is a book on family vacations and how they became popular in the 1950's and where families visited. I love all things "vintage" and it has some very neat pictures. Just a fun little bedside book.

My next purchase was a book by Ali Edwards. I have a link to her blog in my sidebar. She is such an inspiring lady and I love her work. Her pages are so simple yet give such an impact and I just love how she pulls it all together. The book is about how to incorporate pattern paper on your pages with very cool ideas. My scrapbook this weekend while my son is at his Dad's. Last who-rah before school starts.

Looks like I'll be vegging out at home this weekend, eating gourmet frozen pizza and creating a huge mess in my scrapbook room. My room been lonely this summer so it's time to stir up a mess. Maybe I'll actually make something and have pictures to share.

Happy Almost Weekend!!

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