Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Family Member

My son was at his Dad's this weekend, but when he came home, he didn't come home solo. It appears as though they bought a fish and "Theodore" came home too. Colin proceeded to tell me that he wouldn't get to see him very much at his Dad's, so he had to come home. Great.

Here is what I envision. We come home from work some day and the fish is gone from the bowl. All we find are some remains, chewed up and laying all over the floor to only wonder....who did this? The verdict, Calleigh or Tiger, or maybe a combination of both. This is the reason we have never gotten a fish, we have two cats WITH CLAWS! And no where in this house is there an "off limits" area. Well, at least in their books no where is off limits. Nevermind what the Mama says.

So for now, Theodore gets locked in Colin's bedroom so he doesn't become cat food. This morning he was in my craft room and Calleigh found him. Let's just say that she instantly was inspired to get to him and wouldn't back down. So Theodore was locked back up in Colin's room. Heaven help the fish.

We had company over last night for dinner and we all ate outside on the patio. Colin brought Theodore outside with us so he too was part of the conversation. Colin wanted to put him in our new fountain outside, but we all agreed that would put an end to his life so he better stay put in his bowl.

We'll see how long Mr. Fish makes it around here. I'll do my motherly part by keeping the two cats away from him. I just hope if he does get "caught" someday, I'm the first to find him so we don't have that trauma to live with. Ugh.

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  1. Ahhhh.... I have a new nephew. :) How do we know it is not a niece??????