Thursday, August 20, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Look what the storm produced last night in our hometown. If you look closely, you can see rainbow #2.
I'm not sure I have seen a rainbow so bright with distinct colors. It was pretty, even if I about lost my life due to lightening trying to get the best shot. Sacrifice for a good picture.

Well Murphy the fish is still alive but Colin noticed something tonight while feeding him. He has a bulging eyeball. I googled it and it's called popeye (a bit disgusting). Come to find out it's an infection due to poor water quality. Crap! Just when I thought I was doing good with fish #2. They make antibiotic drops you put in the water and it claims to clear it up. I'll go to the fish store tomorrow and admit my guilt and find these drops. We changed his water in hopes that would help him survive the night. Say a prayer for Murphy (and me and Colin).

I swear, if this fish dies, don't let me buy another one.

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  1. Oh no! My poor "nephew!" I hope DCSF does not hear about this. You might be in trouble. Hee hee. Now you know why I have a couple fish bowls in my attic. Just saying.... :)