Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation Day #5

Well it's our last full day of South Haven. A bitter sweet kind of day. We are ready to go home and see our family and two furry kitties, but we do not want to leave this place at all. I have sent text messages to my Sissy the whole trip telling her to pack their bags, we're coming to get them. She told me every time, she was ready and waiting. Now if I could just get Mom and Dad to come, we would be off for sure. I think I would honestly take a huge leap of faith, and move.

But instead, we soaked in our last day and just had fun. We of course started out at the beach. The sun was not out today, that made it a bit sad, and a bit chilly too. Colin didn't mind, he built his best sand castle yet. We both scoured the beach looking for anything we could find to add to the masterpiece. It did turn out very cool.

A large group of families with a whole lot of kids came to the beach and settled in not far from us. There were a total of 8 boys and one little toddler girl. The boys wandered off to some dunes behind us to only find a "cave". Once Colin heard them talking about this, he was off. All 9 boys disappeared for a bit and then Colin came running out wanting me to check out the boy cave. It was pretty cool, had a little waterfall tucked back in the dunes and trees with all kinds of paths leading around. I was too tall to be in there so I left the boys to play.

After a bit longer they all submerged from the brush and decided to chase seagulls that were still resting from the night before. It was pretty neat to see that many boys playing together. Colin hung around them for awhile but then decided he was ready to mosey on to another adventure for the day.

We packed up our stuff, loaded up the sand bucket with a bunch of sand to bring home and made the last trek up the deep, deep sand to higher ground. I had to turn around one last time while at the top to see the awesome view and say goodbye to the beach. Oh how I'll miss you.

We didn't know where to go, so we just got in the car and headed South this time on the Star Highway. I've gotten really good getting around this side of Michigan and knew my way well by now. Reason #5,830 to move to Michigan. We didn't find much we wanted to explore in this direction besides a U-Pick Blueberry Farm. This was one thing we wanted to do before we left the state so we knew today would be a great day so the fruit would be fresh for our ride home.

Before heading to the patch, we stopped in the store to see what goodies they had to sell. Of course you could buy the blueberries already picked, but that was no fun. They did however have all kinds of jams, jellies, butters, salsas and everything imaginable to purchase that had blueberries in them. The owners knew how to sell their products too, they had many of the jars open so you could sample the tasty treats.

I think Colin ate lunch in that place, he tried things I never would have expected him to put in his mouth. Before going into the store he told me he did not like Blueberries. However after leaving, it is now a favorite fruit. After sampling everything at least 10 times, we settled on Blueberry Butter. It is more like a jam, but ohhhhhhhhhh so Yum-O!!

We headed across the street to the patch to pick up our buckets and found our way to the blueberry bushes. I have never picked blueberry, but you could immediately tell the extra ripe fruit from the others and the berries would just fall off the stems into your bucket. Colin and I kept comparing our two buckets to see who had more. He did, I was too busy taking pictures and video.

I would survey the two buckets and tell him, "we have enough, let's quit". No, he didn't want to quit. But I didn't either because the berries were so plentiful, you only had to pick them for about 5 minutes and you had a couple pounds. Neither of us were ready to leave so I thought what the heck, we'll keep going until we have one full bucket. I'll share them with everyone and freeze any leftovers.

In the end we picked 5 pounds and it only cost me $9.00. Pretty cheap for extra big and yummy berries. From there we drove around some more, did more shopping in down town South Haven and grabbed a bite to eat. We cruised the town once more but both of us wanted to see the beach one last time.

We found a different beach access in between some big, beautiful homes so once again we ventured to the water. This big feller was playing on the beach with his toy, a stuffed unicorn animal. Isn't he a cute guy?

This is the access to the beach, nice and pretty with all the grass. Wished again this was my path of choices each morning.

All we did was play in the sand and I took many more pictures. Experimented with my settings and tried some Sepia photos. Love the way they turned out. A few times I caught Colin just starring at the water, he too was soaking it all in one last time.

As the sailboats filled the waters around us, we knew out time had come to an end. We were losing daylight, so this time, we really did say our goodbyes to the beach and Lake Michigan. But we both said, "We'll see you again....soon".

"I hope you always have a shell in your pocket...and sand in your shoes."
author unknown

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