Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stop Growing.....Will Ya!?!? And Don't Chew on the Toys!

I know I have been talking about fall coming and how I'm not ready for the change of seasons...well that's passed. Bring on fall! You want to know why?? I'm sick and tired of mowing my grass. Besides the mowing part, it just doesn't look very pretty. The weeds are gaining strength and the color is fading. It needs mowed pretty bad, but I just haven't had the gusto to get it done. But I will, and maybe if I'm lucky it will be one of my final times this season (yippee)!

Tonight was a no-homework evening (so all the more reason why I should have mowed). I did however bring home my own work so while Colin played, I did a little homework. I came out to the living room to check on him and saw this get-up.

He is playing with some toys while Tiger was just sitting quietly watching. Tiger is like a dog to Colin. He must be by Colin's side wherever he is. And if Colin will let him, he will be in the middle of whatever Colin is doing. So here he was, playing with his toys, Tiger was nice an quite until Colin got everything set up, nice and neat.

Then I believe the kitty instinct in him couldn't stand it any longer and he had to engage himself in the playing activities so he could fit in. One by one he starts flicking/knocking down all of those little cones. They go flying to the floor. Colin hollers at him.

Then Tiger proceeds (while Colin is bent over searching for the cones on the floor) to grab the barricades with his paws and pull them towards him. By now Colin has looked back to see what was going on but wasn't fast enough to grab it out of Tiger's claws.

And became a chew toy. We have many toys with tiny little teeth marks in them. I keep reminding Colin when he gets upset that he wants a dog. Dogs don't just chew on toys, they EAT them. So let's be thankful we have a fun, furry kitty that only takes it upon himself every now and then to chew on some toys. And oh yes, he also chews on speaker wires. Bad kitty.

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