Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween To You!!

Our pumpkins are glowing, we only had 5 trick-or-treators, but I guess it was better than none. Halloween is almost over, but it was a very fun day for us. In fact, it started last night at my birthday celebration.

Sophie girl joined in the party last night perched on one of her many favorite spots.

After dinner, cake and presents Taylor and Colin wanted to carve pumpkins. The adults helped carve to opening and the kids started digging at the guts. We did have a very funny thing happen to Colin, although he doesn't think it was funny.
After we opened up the large pumpkin it had an odd smell to it and it was rather....slimy inside. Colin started scooping out the inside, and before too far into it, the pumpkin got the best of him. I was snapping pictures and all of a sudden I heard my kid gagging. I looked over and he had a look on his face as if he was about to throw-up. After my sister and I died laughing, I did look inside the pumpkin to see this......

OK so it was slimy (and smelly). Colin started on a different pumpkin and I took over stinky.

We didn't use any templates this year, just the good ole' fashioned free hand kind of carving. I think they turned out spooky-ooky!

This morning for breakfast Colin drank his milk out of a Frankenstein Goblet (compliments of NaNa).

I surprised Colin with a present today, I think I bought it more because I thought it was so cute. Lego created a camper and I just loved it when I saw it. So he has enjoyed playing with it all day long. It was just that kind of day, lazy, stay at home and play until trick-or-treat started.

Calleigh loved the sunlight that finally came out today. So did I.

I think popcorn is calling me before this Halloween night is over. Hope the spooks were nice to you!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Well today is the day, I'm the big 39.....pretty darn close to 40! It was a great birthday. I'll share more about it tomorrow. I did have to share one thing tonight. We were all done with dinner, presents and cake and everyone was standing in the kitchen talking. Colin got on Aunt Shann's computer and all of a sudden we heard and saw this (click on words)........

Happy Birthday

It was the best. Thank you little buddy! Big hug and thanks to Mom, Dad, Shann, Mark, Shelby and Taylor too for the extra yummy dinner, birthday cake and loads of presents.

I love all of you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caramel Apples

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, Colin and I decided to try something new this year. While reading one of my favorite magazines, Food Network, I saw this article on Caramel Apples. I have never made homemade caramel, but it sure sounded easy so I thought we must give it a try.

First....the apples must be ready. (notice my cute night light in the back ground?)

Second, boil 2 cups sugar.....1/4 cup corn light syrup.....1/2 cup water.

Boil...without stirring (swirl the pan) until it registers 320 degrees (8 to 10 mins). It should be a light amber color. Be careful, it can burn quickly at this point.

Remove from heat...slowly whisk 1/2 cup heavy cream (it will bubble vigorously, spit, sputter and maybe a toot or two)...2 tbls butter....1 tsp vanilla and a pinch of salt. Return to low heat and whisk until smooth.
Let caramel cool until it can coat the back of a spoon (we let ours cool too long and had to heat it back up a bit), then start dipping!

And if you have a 10 year old boy in the house, he will want to lick the dripping caramel from the apples, but do not let him.

Aren't they cute!?! Wish I could share one with you.

One more day until my birthday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reminising a bit....

I was looking for an old picture and stumbled upon some that made me laugh, and a few that made my heart heavy. These photos are a few years old, but I just love looking at pictures when the kids were younger. Here is Shelby, Colin and Taylor dressed up for Halloween. Two cats and an electrician (with a dog).

This was taken at the same Pumpkin Patch we just visited last weekend. Colin is still pretty small, about the same size as gigantic pumpkins. And he still tried to pick them up. Notice the missing tooth? :)

And another dude with teeth problems, get a load of this guy. Click on the picture to enlarge, I had to laugh!

This is when the pictures made me sad. I love this picture of Colin but he is holding Murphy, our kitty of 13 years. Murphy looks so much like our current kitty Tiger, it's hard to tell them apart at times. Murphy too loved to be held against his will for pictures, can't you tell? I am glad we have lots of pictures of him so we won't ever forget what he looks like.

I remember taking this picture on my birthday (coming up soon on the 30th). I woke up on my birthday, came out to the kitchen to make coffee. I saw something on the family room floor so walked over to see what it was. Murphy had caught a mouse and it was laying dead on the floor. Bet you don't have an animal that gives you his OWN birthday presents!

And this one will make you all die with laughter. Sorry Sissy, had to share it for all to see, or should I say....ELVIS!

And this is one of my all time favorite pictures. It was picture day at school so I snapped a few before his hair got messed up, shirt spilled on and sleeves shoved up. What a handsome little boy.

My birthday is coming. I always love birthdays. I do not fret about them and wish them away. They are always so much fun thanks to all the loved ones in my life. The big day is Friday and the big number is 39. Oh boy, next year ought to be fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

7Gypsies Week at BlueMoon

Blue Moon Scrapbooking is having a giveaway this week with 7 gypsies items and the idea of winning gives me goosebumps. I recently shopped at their website and was very pleasantly surprised when Scott from the store gave me a call to thank me for my order. Is that great customer service or what!?!? Wish me luck on winning!

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we visited our local Pumpkin Patch. I took my son, youngest Niece and our two foreign exchange students from China. The sun was out but it was pretty windy and chilly, however that didn't stop us from having fun.

Colin and Taylor both picked out a pumpkin to carve. We had lots to chose from as you can see.

Vincent was quite a gentleman and wanted to pull the heavy wagon. I found out in China they eat a lot of pumpkin (all year) but they don't decorate with them at Halloween like we Americans do.

Some of the 2009 Pumpkin King and Queens.

And the other King and Queen. Vincent and Angela both thought this was pretty funny, to have a Pumpkin King and Queen.

Colin being the other man pulled the wagon of orange.

One of the all time favorites at The Patch is the hay maze. As Colin has gotten older he can find his way through the maze pretty quick. Not to mention, he can climb the maze to find his way out (which he is not supposed to do so I had to holler at him). Vincent and Angela found their way through it too.
These furry fellers were funny to watch. Colin and Taylor were trying to see if they would spit on them (not sure why, sounds a bit gross to me). Instead they just starred at Colin and Taylor like they were two wild kids making crazy faces, because they were! Notice the sign posted, YO....animals may bite!

We took lots of pictures of Vincent and Angela so they could send them home to their parents. Both are students at our University studying for their Master. Neither one of them have been to a pumpkin patch and they definitely have not seen so many pumpkins all together at one time in their lives. :)

Our trip to The Great Pumpkin Patch with our new friends was a wonderful time. Hopefully we gave them some memories they will remember for a very long time. We have other trips planned during the upcoming holidays, I'm sure we can show them some other crazy things Americans do.

Happy Spooktacular Weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling a tad under the weather....

I haven't been up to blogging, Colin and I are both sick with a flu bug. He came down with it late Sunday evening and I got it yesterday. It is spreading like wild fire through his school, on Tuesday there were 90 kids out sick in his building and if I had to guess, they only probably have 350 kids so about 1/3 were gone. Colin is much better after missing 3 days of school, I hope to send him back tomorrow. You can always tell when they feel better because they drive the Mama crazy!

There have been times my body has ached so bad I couldn't stand to lay in bed any longer, so I come to my craft room. It always brings me joy if only to gander at my lovelies (is that a word?). On Sunday, before I knew Colin was getting sick, we headed to a large Antique show about an hour from home that is just so much fun. I picked up a handful of treasures, it was a good day.

I'm always looking for vintage Christmas items because I do love them. I wish I loved them before Mom got rid of hers, I'm sure we had a gold mine. There were so many Christmas items at the Antique Market, but some are so expensive I can't bring myself to pay $15.00 for a little piece of plastic snowman. So, I look for cheap finds, like these little beauties only $1.00 each.

I do love reindeer. I think because as a child I have so many memories of Santa and his reindeer. They are real, I still believe so. I fell in love with this jar, ornaments were nice but I wanted that jar!

I also found this sterling silver bucket. It needs polished but I love it even if it does not sparkle. I'm not sure what I will use it for but I know I will keep it out year round, but put some cute Christmas goodies in it at Christmas time. Maybe a little tree?

I'm also always on the search for containers to use in my craft room. I saw this wire basket from a distance and made a bee-line for it. The man wanted more than what I wanted to spend so I went on my way. All day I kept thinking about it. When it was time for us to leave we had to walk by his booth again so I stopped one more time. I offered him $2.00 less than what he was asking and he took it. :) My sister is teaching me to bargain.
I also bought a very pretty antique shelf for my bathroom. It's an old board, beat up, painted cream with a very thin lip on the shelf. Whenever I have my Dad help hang things his first response is "You gonna paint that thing?". He has no clue. I'll show you that later.

Well, my back hurts from sitting at the computer and it's shower time for Colin. His fever better stay gone because this Mama needs a break from the sickly kiddo! Hope you are well!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween and Kitty Cats

The sunlight is finally streaming in this morning so it was a good opportunity to snap some pictures. My two fur-balls are always available to pose. I also took a couple of our Halloween decorations.

The flag banner was made by my sister. Love it. The little orange pumpkin was made by me!

My favorite Halloween decoration, a porcelain pumpkin given to me from a friend of my Mom's when I was probably 10 years old? Can't remember for sure. If that's the case, he is almost 30 years old! I also love that sweet picture of Colin on his 2nd Halloween.

Mr. Tiger....trying to hold his eyes open while sitting next to me in my craft room.

And the sleepiness is taking over even more.....

But not for Ms. Calleigh. She is normally bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

And now he moved to the family room to sleep in the sunlight. It's so hard being a cat.

Oh, a burst of energy. Playing at who-knows-what buried in the couch cushions.

Calleigh hears a sound from the kitchen (ice maker).

And he gives up on playing, takes too much energy. I just love his big, long whiskers.

Calleigh moves to my little antique dresser to gaze out the window. More sunlight.

And so he gives in again, you just can't fight the sleep.

Trying to get comfortable.

Crossing his paws.

And even Calleigh gives in to a nap.
Well those are the lazy bums in our house today. Oh yes, it's 10:30am and I'm still in my jammies as well. You gotta love a weekend.