Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling a tad under the weather....

I haven't been up to blogging, Colin and I are both sick with a flu bug. He came down with it late Sunday evening and I got it yesterday. It is spreading like wild fire through his school, on Tuesday there were 90 kids out sick in his building and if I had to guess, they only probably have 350 kids so about 1/3 were gone. Colin is much better after missing 3 days of school, I hope to send him back tomorrow. You can always tell when they feel better because they drive the Mama crazy!

There have been times my body has ached so bad I couldn't stand to lay in bed any longer, so I come to my craft room. It always brings me joy if only to gander at my lovelies (is that a word?). On Sunday, before I knew Colin was getting sick, we headed to a large Antique show about an hour from home that is just so much fun. I picked up a handful of treasures, it was a good day.

I'm always looking for vintage Christmas items because I do love them. I wish I loved them before Mom got rid of hers, I'm sure we had a gold mine. There were so many Christmas items at the Antique Market, but some are so expensive I can't bring myself to pay $15.00 for a little piece of plastic snowman. So, I look for cheap finds, like these little beauties only $1.00 each.

I do love reindeer. I think because as a child I have so many memories of Santa and his reindeer. They are real, I still believe so. I fell in love with this jar, ornaments were nice but I wanted that jar!

I also found this sterling silver bucket. It needs polished but I love it even if it does not sparkle. I'm not sure what I will use it for but I know I will keep it out year round, but put some cute Christmas goodies in it at Christmas time. Maybe a little tree?

I'm also always on the search for containers to use in my craft room. I saw this wire basket from a distance and made a bee-line for it. The man wanted more than what I wanted to spend so I went on my way. All day I kept thinking about it. When it was time for us to leave we had to walk by his booth again so I stopped one more time. I offered him $2.00 less than what he was asking and he took it. :) My sister is teaching me to bargain.
I also bought a very pretty antique shelf for my bathroom. It's an old board, beat up, painted cream with a very thin lip on the shelf. Whenever I have my Dad help hang things his first response is "You gonna paint that thing?". He has no clue. I'll show you that later.

Well, my back hurts from sitting at the computer and it's shower time for Colin. His fever better stay gone because this Mama needs a break from the sickly kiddo! Hope you are well!

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  1. i love love love that lil bambi figurine you found!!! super cute :)