Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween and Kitty Cats

The sunlight is finally streaming in this morning so it was a good opportunity to snap some pictures. My two fur-balls are always available to pose. I also took a couple of our Halloween decorations.

The flag banner was made by my sister. Love it. The little orange pumpkin was made by me!

My favorite Halloween decoration, a porcelain pumpkin given to me from a friend of my Mom's when I was probably 10 years old? Can't remember for sure. If that's the case, he is almost 30 years old! I also love that sweet picture of Colin on his 2nd Halloween.

Mr. Tiger....trying to hold his eyes open while sitting next to me in my craft room.

And the sleepiness is taking over even more.....

But not for Ms. Calleigh. She is normally bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

And now he moved to the family room to sleep in the sunlight. It's so hard being a cat.

Oh, a burst of energy. Playing at who-knows-what buried in the couch cushions.

Calleigh hears a sound from the kitchen (ice maker).

And he gives up on playing, takes too much energy. I just love his big, long whiskers.

Calleigh moves to my little antique dresser to gaze out the window. More sunlight.

And so he gives in again, you just can't fight the sleep.

Trying to get comfortable.

Crossing his paws.

And even Calleigh gives in to a nap.
Well those are the lazy bums in our house today. Oh yes, it's 10:30am and I'm still in my jammies as well. You gotta love a weekend.

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