Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Colombus Day!

So what are you doing today on your Columbus Day? I hope you have the day off from work. My poor sister, she does not have the day off so I have one of my nieces. Taylor spent the night with us last night so she and Colin could play today. And playing they have been!

We went dumpster diving at our mall earlier this morning because they wanted to build some "houses" for their stuffed animals out of cardboard boxes. Am I a good Aunt or what?! Each of them brought back 4 boxes and did some taping, cutting and decorating to build their houses. My family room is a bit trashed, but they had fun. Here is what it looks like:

But the real fun was going on in my craft room. Last night while talking to my girlfriend on the phone she kept telling me about some cool websites to look at. Remember how my computer died a few weeks ago? Well I lost all of my favorites so she was giving me her favorites to look at when I needed some computer time. One of my favorites was Tim Holtz. I know who he is and have some of his products, but had no idea what to do with many of the items he has available. Well, I checked out his Christmas Tags from 2007 and 2008 and it gave me the motivation to play!
I recently purchased a couple stamps from Red Lead (one of my ALL TIME favorite stores in St. Louis (but you can buy on-line too!)). This is a stamp from their store with lots of glitter accents.
Another tag using some different vintage stamps and glitter.

A very cute Reindeer stamp from Red Lead and more glitter!

Stickles are very popular in the craft industry and I have them on my "wish-list" birthday list, however my same crafty girlfriend that gave me all her websites introduced me to Jo-Anne Fabrics version of them. And you know what is even better, they are only $1.00 a bottle! I'm hoping they come out with some Christmas colors later this year, but for now I have lots of great Halloween colors. The glitter you see on my tags was created with these little bottles. You gotta love bling!

This snowy tag looks better in person because you can see the glittered snow flakes.

Another great find from my girlfriend is Tattered Angels, Glimmer Mist. I used Riptide to create the blue back ground on both snowflake tags. Lots of color and glimmer in a small little bottle. And a little bit goes a long way!

So this is how I spent part of my Colombus Day. It was so much fun. When my niece caught wind of my crafy business she kept popping in to see what I was creating. We could have really blinged up her cardboard house, but I'm too cheap to use my goodies. :)


  1. What a nice auntie you are....even though you did not share your glitter. Hee hee! Thanks for the lasagna dinner. It was delish!!