Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween To You!!

Our pumpkins are glowing, we only had 5 trick-or-treators, but I guess it was better than none. Halloween is almost over, but it was a very fun day for us. In fact, it started last night at my birthday celebration.

Sophie girl joined in the party last night perched on one of her many favorite spots.

After dinner, cake and presents Taylor and Colin wanted to carve pumpkins. The adults helped carve to opening and the kids started digging at the guts. We did have a very funny thing happen to Colin, although he doesn't think it was funny.
After we opened up the large pumpkin it had an odd smell to it and it was rather....slimy inside. Colin started scooping out the inside, and before too far into it, the pumpkin got the best of him. I was snapping pictures and all of a sudden I heard my kid gagging. I looked over and he had a look on his face as if he was about to throw-up. After my sister and I died laughing, I did look inside the pumpkin to see this......

OK so it was slimy (and smelly). Colin started on a different pumpkin and I took over stinky.

We didn't use any templates this year, just the good ole' fashioned free hand kind of carving. I think they turned out spooky-ooky!

This morning for breakfast Colin drank his milk out of a Frankenstein Goblet (compliments of NaNa).

I surprised Colin with a present today, I think I bought it more because I thought it was so cute. Lego created a camper and I just loved it when I saw it. So he has enjoyed playing with it all day long. It was just that kind of day, lazy, stay at home and play until trick-or-treat started.

Calleigh loved the sunlight that finally came out today. So did I.

I think popcorn is calling me before this Halloween night is over. Hope the spooks were nice to you!

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