Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Back in Business

$35.00 dollars later, I'm back in business, have my new USB cord and can upload pictures! I about died when I saw how expensive that cord was, but I was so desperate I probably would have paid more. In fact, I paid for 2nd day delivery because I missed my pictures so much.

So, as promised here are some pictures from the project that put me out of business to begin with!

As you can probably tell, Colin is a news cast reporter from the 1950's. He had to research an actual event from the 1950's and report on it as if he was "live" during that time frame. We spent a lot of time researching on the web what news stations looked like back then so that we could gather the best props around.
The phones you see are real. One is actually from the 1930's and the other is from a railroad station. We made his name plate and I cut out the News Station Call letters by hand and added some glitter.
It took much persuasion for him to wear those glasses. He was afraid the kids in his class would make fun of him but I finally convinced him the glasses made the outfit so he gave in and wore them.
Part of his grade was to video tape the broadcast and turn it in on a DVD. We set our camcorder to black and white, downloaded typewriter sound effects from the Internet and started recording away. While watching live newscasts on YouTube, we learned you could hear people typing in the background. It was a whole lot easier to download the sounds than to find a REAL typewriter. I must say it turned out very, very neat. I sure hope his teacher feels the same and he gets an A+! I'll keep you posted.
I still don't have my computer back so I'm still missing it. That will be in the next big expenditure. Going away to Michigan with my Sister and nieces this weekend to check out their soon to be new home. Looking forward to the time away.
Talk to you soon!

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