Saturday, October 10, 2009


Well we made it home from our short by sweet trip to Michigan. We went to check out the city my Sister and family may be moving to. It was very nice, bigger city than what our small town has to offer, but very pretty and quaint. It feels like a big city tucked out in the country surrounded by a bunch of trees.

We spent Friday there, looked at a home they really liked, took the kiddos shopping, found a scrapbook store for me and just hung out with everyone. This morning after breakfast at the hotel we hopped in the car and headed West to the beach. We went back to my favorite place, South Haven. We took a small country highway where the trees were beautiful to look at.

We drove through some different small towns, but this one was extra cute. They had a vineyard in the town where you could sample their wines. We didn't stop, but look at this cool picture I snapped from the car of the water tower.

Along the way we found a little farmer's market stand so we pulled in for some apples, pears, veggies and Carmel apples for the kids.

Shelby eating her Carmel apple.

From there we made it to South Haven. My sister and brother-in-law stopped here a few weeks ago when they visited the area, but this is the first time we were all there together. It brought back some great memories for Colin and I. Remember when I went back in July? Oh I so love this place I can't even explain it.

The weather was a WHOLE lot chillier than July, but you had to sustain the extra cold breeze to take a gander at the awesome views of the lake. A cute picture of Colin and I.

We were all hungry (and freezing) so Shann asked us to pick the place for lunch. Colin and I loved the 50's Drive-in joint we discovered in July so we took everyone there. It is the place with the Extra XL Onion Rings. Mark and Shann didn't believe me when I said they were big!

After lunch we headed back downtown to do a little shopping. The kids sat outside while the grown-ups went inside.

This handsome fella started talking to you when you walked into the store front. Then he proceeded to stick his tongue out at you. He is a little skinny for me. :)

After walking out one of the stores I turned around because I knew we were close to the water and caught this scene. Takes your breath away.

The kids wanted to go check out the sand and beach so regardless of how cold and windy it was, we gave in and drove them there. Taylor and Colin immediately took off for the sand and ran close to the water.

Aunt Shann drew in the sand.

Shelby gazed out to the water. Wonder what she was thinking about?

One of my most favorite sites in South Haven, the lighthouse. The water was so rough and choppy the huge waves would crash up against the sides of the dock and spray water everywhere.

The kids found a dead fish with only his bones remaining and thought it was pretty gross. Can't you tell?

Even though we froze our fanny's off, I told them we must have Sherman's Ice Cream since the factory was here in South Haven. During our summer trip Colin and I ate this ice cream just about every day after we discovered it. Everyone loved it and agreed it was extra yummy.

Colin tried the Blue Moon.

Before we headed home Colin picked out a new stuffed animal. His name is "William". He is rather a hoot, isn't he? :)

And that, was our trip to Michigan. I loved it just like the first time, wished we could have stayed longer. But as my sister keeps reminding me before long we'll have a free place to stay and do all the sightseeing we want when they get there. I can't wait!

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  1. And what a fine trip it was.....except for the dead fish. ;)
    Soon very soon....we will explore some more.