Friday, October 16, 2009

OH it's going to be a GOOD weekend!

It's officially the weekend, and it's looking very bright so far. I had to work until 7:00pm, not a good start to the weekend, but after work my Sissy called needing an errand run, and that is when it started to turn around. She asked me to pick up a magazine for her if I needed to make a stop at Wally-World so I said sure, I'll go.

You do not know my sister and her love of magazines. The bad part, it's rubbed off on me. I do try to contain myself and it's probably a good thing most of them have gone under (well, not really) because there were too many to buy or subscribe to. So every now and then when a nice one is available I don't feel so guilty buying it because I have cut way back.

Well since the Holiday's are coming Country Living has published a special issue of all Holiday ideas. It wasn't cheap ($10.00), but I can tell by quickly flipping, it looks soooooo worth it. Called my Sissy, she said grab me a copy too, so I did.

The one item I did need to pick up was coffee creamer. I'm pretty picky about creamer so I was beyond excited when I saw they already have Peppermint Mocha available! I really don't like Wally-World, but they do stock about everything under the moon so you gotta like them for that part. Then, since I was on a roll, I decided to also pick up Carmel Macchiato because it looked so yummy. Two coffee creamers, whoa look out! (I know, I need to get a life)

So that was my excitement at Wal-Mart. I'm a single Mom , my son is at his Dad's this weekend and this is about as exciting as my weekends get. I have no life so Wal-Mart is a thrill. However, my weekend gets even better. I ordered a book on the other night and when I drove up in my driveway there was the box! Yippe! Another book about Christmas. Do you think I have a theme going here?

So tonight I'm going to settle in bed with my flannel jammies on and do some reading with my new books. Tomorrow morning I'll get up and enjoy a cup of coffee with one of my new creamers. I think I may also bake some scones. You gotta love the fall. Then tomorrow afternoon I get to spend the evening with the birthday club to celebrate my birthday a bit early. Oh it's gonna be a fun weekend.
Hope you have a Merry & Bright weekend as well!

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  1. I would like to try out your new creamers...oh to be able to go as I please. Luv u