Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reminising a bit....

I was looking for an old picture and stumbled upon some that made me laugh, and a few that made my heart heavy. These photos are a few years old, but I just love looking at pictures when the kids were younger. Here is Shelby, Colin and Taylor dressed up for Halloween. Two cats and an electrician (with a dog).

This was taken at the same Pumpkin Patch we just visited last weekend. Colin is still pretty small, about the same size as gigantic pumpkins. And he still tried to pick them up. Notice the missing tooth? :)

And another dude with teeth problems, get a load of this guy. Click on the picture to enlarge, I had to laugh!

This is when the pictures made me sad. I love this picture of Colin but he is holding Murphy, our kitty of 13 years. Murphy looks so much like our current kitty Tiger, it's hard to tell them apart at times. Murphy too loved to be held against his will for pictures, can't you tell? I am glad we have lots of pictures of him so we won't ever forget what he looks like.

I remember taking this picture on my birthday (coming up soon on the 30th). I woke up on my birthday, came out to the kitchen to make coffee. I saw something on the family room floor so walked over to see what it was. Murphy had caught a mouse and it was laying dead on the floor. Bet you don't have an animal that gives you his OWN birthday presents!

And this one will make you all die with laughter. Sorry Sissy, had to share it for all to see, or should I say....ELVIS!

And this is one of my all time favorite pictures. It was picture day at school so I snapped a few before his hair got messed up, shirt spilled on and sleeves shoved up. What a handsome little boy.

My birthday is coming. I always love birthdays. I do not fret about them and wish them away. They are always so much fun thanks to all the loved ones in my life. The big day is Friday and the big number is 39. Oh boy, next year ought to be fun!

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  1. I am all shook up...uh hu hu
    Only three more days until your special day! Can't wait to give you your presents. Although after putting that picure out there for the whole world to see...I may have to keep one for myself!! ;) (And, that llama needs to see an orthodontist really soon!)