Tuesday, November 3, 2009

December Daily Album and a WHOLE lot of places to shop!

I'm so excited, the holidays are quickly approaching which means a time to get my creative juices flowing. Last February I discovered Ali Edwards in "blog-land" and quickly fell in love with her idea of a December Daily Album. I didn't want to wait until December so if you remember, I did a Daily Album in April. It was fun, but I've so been looking forward to December to document one of the most exciting months of the entire year.

Ali has started on her album and is documenting her steps so it has really gotten me motivated. But you want to know the BEST part?!?!?! My girlfriend and I are heading to St. Louis this weekend on a Scrapbook Shopping retreat! We did this last March and had a blast! This time however, everything will be glowing with Christmas items so I can hardly wait.

While I'm heading South with my girlfriend, my Sissy is heading East to Indy with her girlfriend. Dawn and I will be shopping for ourselves. My sister and Lori will be shopping (Christmas) for others. :) I'll be sure I don't blow my Christmas Club Account Money on me, but wouldn't that be ho...ho....nice?


  1. You two girls have fun and even though you are shopping for paper....if you find something you think I NEED....by all means....get it for me! ;) And, I will be on the hunt for lovely things for you as well dear sis oh mine. XOXOX