Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little Merry Christmas and a Ho, Ho, Ho Early

I've been on vacation this week from work so I could help Mom through her post surgery. Since she takes a nap in the afternoons, it has given me some free time to play with my goodies from my St. Louis Scrapbook shopping trip.

I saw something at my favorite store, Red Lead, that I wanted to make for my Sister. I guess you could call it a shadow box, or just a whole lot of lovin'. Here is what it looks like now that it is all finished........

I must say, it is darn stinkin' cute and I do love it. I gave it to my sissy tonight because I couldn't wait and she too loved it. Mom enjoyed watching me make it and how it came to life each day. It worked out perfect being at their house because I had to dig through our family photos to find some pictures of us.

The pictures are on three little mittens hanging from a "clothesline". Then the mittens are decorated with all kinds of Christmas goodies.

The individual pictures are blurry, sorry about that, but hopefully you can see all of the details. We've had rain in the Midwest non-stop for 4 days so I didn't have any sunlight to help with the picture taking. This first mitten has a picture of my sister and I on it. I'm the one with the short hair (tom-boy of the family).

Look at how cute my sister was on Christmas morning! She has a very cute pair of jammies on and her hair is done up like a princess. She loved for Mom to play with her hair, I hated it with a passion (hence the short haircut on me).

And here is my Sissy again with her Santa doll. She still has that Santa.

Here is a closer look at the mittens hanging on the clothesline. I used round picture hangers and screwed them into the sides of the wooden box and then looped wire around them to create the line. :)

Another cute idea I saw at Red Lead were these individual picture frames. They are simply cardboard houses that I covered with paper, covered the frames with a different pattern of paper and a gold leaf pen was used to outline everything. Then, add every cute embellishment you have on hand! The first is a picture of Mom, Grandma, Shann and I on Christmas morning. I gave this one to my Sister to keep.

Love the gold Elk (sporting a red ribbon).

This one I made for Mom. It has a picture of Mom, Shann and I when I was just a cute, rolly-polly little thing. Isn't Mom's bee-hive hairdo to die for?!?!
It's been so much fun working on all of these projects. I still have two more house picture frames to make. These two will be for me! I'll show you later.

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