Saturday, November 14, 2009

My First Turkey

I learned something new today, how to bake a turkey. Well, it isn't totally finished, so I should probably wait to see how the end product turns out. Tomorrow at our church we are having our annual Thanksgiving lunch. My Dad is in charge of all the Turkeys so many ladies volunteer to bake them, carve them and then take them back to the church. Dad is baking about 6 himself with some friends at our church. I can only imagine what 4 men talk about while baking turkeys.

Mom had hip replacement surgery so I'm at her house taking care of her and thought it would be a perfect time for me to learn how to bake a turkey. She was there to help, it would make her house smell wonderful, and that way she could keep some turkey since she will miss the dinner. She sat in a chair and talked me through getting "the birds" ready. It was easy after all, they were just a bit intimidating.

Dad gave me 2 turkeys to bake, both are roasting away in the oven as we speak. It smells wonderful, sure hope they taste good. Next, Mom will walk me through making her famous dressing. I've made other dressings in my time, but I love hers that is just so simple.

I've watched on Food Network, watched my sister and read all kinds of recipe's where you can stuff goodies inside the bird. I wanted to follow Mom's rules, butter and lots of seasonings (like that cute can of Old Bay Seasoning). Never seen nor heard of that, but it smells good.
Colin came over to Nana's too and called a buddy of his to come play. I was in Mom's bedroom helping her get ready and we looked out the window to see them both in her tree. Colin is a MAJOR tree climber. I just look the other way and pray he doesn't fall out. Total boy. Don't worry about that gun he is holding, it is a toy. What is it with men and guns??? I still haven't figured that one out.

His buddy Joshia.

Just checked on the birds, they are done. Oh it sure smells like Thanksgiving in Mom and Dad's house. It's just around the corner, can't wait.
Here are a few pictures of Tiger Kitty. I was attempting to make my bed the other morning and he was pretty fired up for some reason and wanted to play. Can you see it in his eyes?

This is his more common position.....fat and lazy.

Happy Saturday!

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