Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it was another fun and extra yummy day. We all met over at Mom and Dad's house where we found Dad busy in the kitchen helping out since Mom was still recovering from surgery. She still helped, she just couldn't stand long in the kitchen. Can't keep a good woman down.

Here are a few snap shots of the animals and table decorations. Simon was sticking his head out of the patio door sniffing whatever he could smell. The one of Sophie is my favorite. This was during lunch and my sister had given her a few licks of mashed potatoes. If you look closely to her bottom lip, you'll see the remains. :) Sophie you are as cute as pie!

While the last few preparations were taking place Taylor and Colin played video games.

Sophie Girl took her nap before lunch.

Shelby and Taylor messing around.

Yummy pumpkin pies my Sissy baked.

Our pretty table.

Dad cookin' in the kitchen.

Mom resting and keeping an eye on the activity going on in the kitchen.

The kids, first in line, filling their plates high. It's a bid sad, I remember the days when I had to help Colin fill his plate as he picked out what he wanted. Now he just takes care of himself. Why do they have to grow up?
After lunch we all rested, some took a cat nap (like me and Dad), watched football, visited, looked at shopping flyer's from the newspaper and just did a little fellowship. A beautiful Thanksgiving for all of us. Hope you had a splendid one too!


  1. Thank God for all the Precious Kids You Have given Me. I was over joyed having all of them home for a FULL DAY. I usually only get half. After this Busy Thanksgiving week I will be lost as part of them start a NEW home in another state.I have ro Thank God for the wonderful Dad and Husband sent to me. He has been a house keeper Nurse Cook and still managed to work outside the home 2 days. My girls were a blessing to me in my post opp.They have spoiled me. Love you all Mom and Nana

  2. It was a lovely Thanksgiving, wasen't it? We do have much to be thankful for. Show me how to do that cool thing with your pictures. I love it! And, I wish I had a small sliver of that pie tonight. Yum! ;)
    Love you!