Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas, please slow down

You know, I had every intention of getting things done early this year so I could slow down and enjoy the holidays. I'm not quite sure where it went wrong, but things have been moving 100mph and the days are flying by.

Regardless, I'm doing my best to enjoy things, constantly reminding myself that Jesus is the center of this season and he doesn't care about cookies, Christmas cards or decorated homes. Colin and I were finally able to relax last night and watch a movie, "Shrek the Halls". Oh joy. But at least we were together, with the kitties by our side, sitting together with twinkling lights surrounding us.
Here are a couple pictures of things around our home that make me happy. My most favorite decoration is our large, rolly-polly Santa that welcomes guests on our porch. I owe this cutie to my Sister, she found him at Wal-Mart last year. Our friend Lori keeps planning a kidnapping heist to steal him from my porch. Since she can't take my Sister's all the way from Michigan, she may snag mine.
Here are a few other finds. I love the vintage Santa pitcher and mugs. Don't they look extra cute against my blue kitchen walls? Gotta love red and blue at Christmas. The snow man picks in my front door decoration were from Michael's. I LOVE snowmen so I'm always on the lookout for some new ones to add to my collection. And lastly I found these two adorable vintage reindeer last year at an Antique store.
So what are you doing to enjoy the holidays before they slip away from you? Baking, crafting, watching "Shrek the Halls"?

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