Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daily Album

Well I've been working hard at my December Daily Album. I've been wanting to make one of these for a year now and it's finally coming true. It did require some work before December actually arrived, I worked with my girlfriend Dawn to put the entire album together and saved it until 12/1/09 arrived.

I will show you pictures later of the actual pages, but for now, here are my photos for each day so far. I gotten behind the last couple of days so I'm working hard this evening to get caught up.

Dec 1st (decorating the tree, kitty trying to stay warm, another playing with decorations)

Dec 2nd (kitty preventing little boy from doing his homework)

Dec 3rd (love these pictures, they did not want to wake up for the day)

Dec 4th (went to Michigan to see my Sissy...snow at her home)

Dec 5th (Scenes from my Sister's home...awesome coffee pot!!!)

Dec 5th again (love Simon in this picture)

Dec 6th (Santa Paws, club house kids made, heading home and stopping for apple cider)

Dec 7th (basketball begins....oh joy)

Dec 8th (gourmet dinner, new bear, fuzzy Christmas tree)

More to come later!!

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