Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas from Michigan

This morning at 7:00am Colin and I left Illinois to head North to Michigan. We were off to see my Sister and family. The snow was already coming down in IL so it made for a pretty drive. The farther North we got, the more snow there was. Once we made it over the Michigan border, snow covered the hills and it was such a beautiful sight. Talk about instant Christmas spirit!

Colin packed some toys to play with along the way. He had his GI Joe guy hanging out in the glove compartment. :)

We made our exit to my Sissy's town and there are the most beautiful trees along the way. Even Colin commented on how beautiful it was with all of the trees glistening with snow.

See, lots O' snow in Michigan!

After settling in and having lunch, we decided to take a road trip. We were on a mission to buy some Christmas gifts and we found a Christmas Tree Farm on-line with a gift shop and believed that would be our place. So, we headed off. It took a bit to get there and a whole lot of 4 wheel driving (thank the Lord we were in my Sister's SUV), but we finally found the place. The tree lots all over were a giveaway that we found our destination.

We pull in and everyone was excited about the trees, the huge barn and just the beauty of the whole place. We were finding our way to the barn when we pass another gentleman and he informs us the place is closed for the season! It's a Christmas Tree Farm and they are closed! We were all bummed but we tried to make the best of it.
When all else fails, break out the camera and take some pictures. The setting was extremely spectacular and everyone went along with Nanny for some pictures.

Sisters in the snow.

The little kids figured out you could go sliding very easily on the driveway and were sliding all over the place. Well the big kid decided she would try it too. She about busted her fanny. :)

Isn't the barn beautiful??? Wish I lived there.

Shelby smiling for me.

When we got back the kids played in the snow for a bit and then came in to get warm. Since Colin brought his GI Joe "people", Taylor broke out the Barbies so they could play together. We thought it was cute how they had their homes set up. Barbie and GI Joe did not live together either!

The man's cave.

It's evening and time for some Christmas movies. While digging them out Simon decided he would perch himself in the cabinet. Sorry Simon Peter, that is not your spot.

Movie time! Hope it's snowing where you are. Mom and Dad, you better get yourselves up here to see the beauty. We're waiting on you.


  1. Dad used to call me alfonzo agile for a reason you know! ;)

  2. Dad asked this morning if there was snow up there. My reply was have you looked at the girls blog......guess I will drag him in to see the pretty scenery...