Monday, December 21, 2009

More fun in the snowy state

Sunday morning we woke up early and had our normal coffee, just my sissy and I. Simon joined the girl party in all his glory. He is such a hog of the chair. Later that morning we all went to church in their new hometown. It was a very nice church and everyone was so friendly, so many came up to greet us. They sure made you feel at home.

After church we took the kids to an Air Zoo that Colin has been dying to see since the first day he came here to visit. It's an aircraft museum with many rides.

Colin loved looking at all of the old planes and dreaming of what it was like back then to fly them.

There was a 3D show we all watched with our cool shades.

One of the rides were these neat hot air balloons. They were so bright and colorful and flew pretty fast. I opted to stay on the ground because I wanted to get pictures more than ride. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz! Where is Toto?

Another 3D flight simulator ride where you head off to the Space Station.

Little People in a big, big Universe.

Colin would have stayed in this plane all day. It was the cockpit of a real fighter jet with a million buttons and knobs to push. He was in pure heaven.

The Moon Walk.....all kids gave it a twirl.

This morning we slept in a bit. Colin feels like he is getting a cold so he rested with Sophie. I sure hope he isn't getting sick right before Christmas. I too feel like some sort of a bug is coming back. It's been a rough winter and it has barely started.

After everyone got ready we headed out for some last minute Christmas Shopping. My Sister had a few specific places in mind, one was an Antique store we passed the other day while trying to get to the tree farm. While backing out of their driveway Colin hollered from the backseat "Deer, Deer!!". There were 5 deer running in my Sister's backyard around to the backside of their neighbors. We decided to follow them and sure enough, they cut across the street right in front of us.

Looks like my sister may have different critters to deal with in Michigan then she did in Illinois.

It's been another fun day. After shopping we came home and ordered Chinese takeout and did a bit of wrapping. It's almost bedtime and it will be our last full day in Michigan before we all head home for Christmas. Mom and Dad are waiting on us to come home. I'm ready to come home, I miss them and my two kitties. Tiger and Calleigh, Mama and Colin are coming home.
Only 3 more days until Christmas!!!! HO-HO-HO

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