Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old Saint Nick is on his way......

And I have way too many things left to get done!! Oh well, it wouldn't be Christmas without the hustle and bustle. The best part, I don't need to leave my home to wrap up the items left needing done. I have candles lit in my home and soon Christmas music will be playing throughout.

We made it home from Michigan yesterday but on our way home we made a small detour. My two nieces got in the car with Colin and I so we could stop at a Reindeer Farm not far from home. We've been here many times over the years, however I never get tired of the place. It is pure magic.

I have pictures of Colin on this reindeer bench since he was a little guy.

Outside while waiting to see the reindeer the kids spotted the farm kitty. This kitty was really excited, must have been all the magic in the air. He scurried up that tree (has his claws) in an attempt to catch the birds roosting. They all flew away so he decided to chew on the branches and wave at the kids from below.

It was finally time to go feed the Reindeer so we were all give Oats and Graham Crackers. It's Santa's Reindeer, they gotta eat something sweet! They knew people coming meant food so they hurried to the fence to receive their goodies. Here is Taylor feeding one of them.

I don't remember which name belongs to which Reindeer, but some of their names were Holly, Jack Frost and Yukon. This big feller was the leader since his antlers were the largest. He knew he was in charge of the others.

They sure were loving creatures. But again, why would you expect anything else from Santa's followers?

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