Tuesday, December 1, 2009

State Champions

"We are the champions......of the world!"

Our hometown went to state playoffs in Football the day after Thanksgiving. We've been to state 3 times in the last 4 years and have won two times. It's such a great feeling to win the playoffs, even if I don't know many of the players. I do however have a niece that is in the band and at the very least, I wanted to see her play. This was the last band event she was able to play in because the following Sunday, she moved away to Michigan. It was such a great send off for her and one I know she will remember.

We played at the University of Illinois football stadium. BIG news for a very small town.

Here is Shelby watching her team.


Shelby with "the band".

My Dad calling my Mom giving her the half-time report.

We WON...see the players tossing the water on the coach? :) Not a good day to be wet and cold!

The players saying a prayer after their victory.

Receiving the trophy.

Once again.....We are the Champions!


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