Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

Today is my Grandma's 98th birthday. We are very lucky to have her with us today because a little over a week ago she had an accident at the nursing home and we were fearful we would lose her. This lady can conquer it all and she rebounded from a terrible fall and was having ice cream today because of it.

We actually celebrated her birthday yesterday so my Sister and family could be here with us. Mom wanted Shann to take Sophie, their little Shih Tzu out with us so Grandma could see her. That was the best part of her whole party, little Sophie girl. Grandma would not stop talking to her, feeding her, petting her and in return Sophie gave Grandma lots of kisses.

Grandma still has a lot of bruises and stitches on her, but she still looks 100% better than she did a week ago. She was as sharp as a whip at her party too and enjoyed opening up her presents.
Sophie got a little cake too.
And some more.

After the presents were opened we went back to her room to pack some things up she no longer wanted, tidied up her room and of course took some more pictures of all the ladies in the house.

Me and Grandma

Mom and Grandma

Shann and Grandma

Happy Birthday to one of the BEST Grandma's in the whole world.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Etsy Shop

Here is my exciting news, I've opened up a shop on Etsy. I love to play with paper and everything that goes with Scrapbooking, and this has always been a dream of mine to try and sell the things I make. So, I decided to give it a shot. I don't have much to lose and it will be fun in the making. I have added a link on my blog to the shop.

My shop name is "Wee Little Papers". My son actually helped me come up with the name and he is just as excited as I. Although, he seems to think we will become millionaires, I just hope I can sell a little to support my "habit". :)

I have more things to list but it's taken me all morning to get the 9 items done, so I must go do some other things, like visit my Sissy from Michigan. We are celebrating my Grandma's birthday today so we'll be busy having a party for the 98 year old lady. I can't wait to see her.

Hope you have a great weekend......and hope you like what you see at "Wee Little Papers".

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something Exciting

I have some exciting news to share......but you must wait a "wee" more moment. Check back later!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recipe Album

This past Christmas I made a recipe album for my Sister using the Cosmo Cricket "Early Bird" line and it turned out so cute. It took awhile to put together, but it was worth it. The most difficult part, finding enough chipboard letters to spell out all of the sections. I didn't get all of that done so I will still be working on it, if my Sissy will part with it for a bit.

Bon Appetit!

This is probably my most favorite divider...."Breakfast". I just love the little toaster and slice of bread.

Today is Sunday and the weekend has gone entirely too quickly. It's been a very full weekend so it hasn't really been restful. I did decide this afternoon to play a bit in my craft room and make some Valentine items. Maybe I'll show them to you later. Happy Sunday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Michigan Again

For the very few of you that read my blog, here is another post involving a trip to Michigan to see my Sissy. I cannot help but post on our trips because not only are they fun, they include a state I have grown to fall in love with.

This visit, a dear friend and her kids came with us. It is actually a very close friend of my Sister's, but over the years I too have gotten close to her. Lori and her two children, Emily and Seth followed us to MI to see my Sister and her family. Seth is Colin's age so the boys were able to play (and rough-house) while all the other girls hung out.

Shelby, my oldest Niece received Rock Band for Christmas so all of the kids had to play it. Before long, all of the ADULTS had to play it. I have never played a Wii game before so this was a first, and I didn't fare too well. Luckily, I don't have any pictures of me. Shann was on vocals, Lori played the guitar, Colin was on the drums...until they made me take over. It didn't last long and I gave up my spot on the band so someone better qualified could play. It was a lot of fun and we were all rolling with laughter.

By Saturday the kids had been cooped up long enough so we headed to the bowling alley. Everyone did really good, but no one bowled a 300. :)

Today Colin and I drove home, it is always so sad to leave because we never want to. We want to get home to see our kitties, but we also don't want to leave everyone else. We usually make at least one detour on our way home before we get out of Michigan, and today was no exception.

We had plans to visit South Haven while in MI, but it didn't work out. I just want to see the lake so badly when I am there, so much that I can't stand it. It is about a 40 minute drive from Kalamazoo to the lake, so it's a little jaunt. However, when you are heading home you get very close to the lake so that is where our detour happened today.

We stopped in St. Joseph MI for a quick visit to the beach. I know many of you may think I'm crazy going to a beach in Michigan in the winter, but I had to see what it looked like since I've only been in July and September. It was just as beautiful as I expected....and frozen!

I don't believe I have ever seen sand and snow together, but here it was. There was even snow fences on the beach. Quite the odd mixture.

If you looked real far out into the lake you could see where the frozen tundra stops and the water begins.

St. Joseph has their own lighthouse just like South Haven. Actually they have two on their pier. One has a cute little house with it. See how frozen and snowy it is?

Wonder if they ever need someone to care for the lighthouse. I would volunteer, but maybe in the summer instead.

Can't resist getting a kids picture on the beach, even if it was freezing cold and he didn't want to be out there.

Colin and I said we would be happy to take care of this house too because when you look out the front, you are viewing the lake. What a sight to wake up to every morning. Even if it is frozen over.

And here is my little photographer snapping pictures himself, with his own camera, of the big, big frozen lake that we both love so much.

And THAT was Michigan visit #5!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's No Michigan But It's A Humdinger of A Snow Storm!

Our little town was hit with a snow storm last night and today. My Michigan Sister may say "Snow...Smoh", but it's plenty for us. So much, the schools closed. I have a commute to work so I opted to stay home another day and work. If you remember, I was home yesterday because my son was sick. Let me tell you this, I need out of this house or a boy with too much stored up energy is going to throw me in the nut house.

All day the snowfall was so pretty. I just couldn't capture the huge snowflakes that were falling down. This is me looking out my front door.

This is me looking out my back patio and the snow is as tall as the first step. Actually it surpassed the step as the snow kept falling all afternoon.

Since I was home I decided to make us something yummy for breakfast. I told my Sister the other day I was craving French Toast, so that is what we had. Oh...... it was yummy too.

Poor Tiger, he didn't know what was going on. The ground was white, scary trucks were driving by making loud noises and a wild kid was constantly running around shooting Nerf darts. I'm sure if looks could kill, Colin would be dead. He must have been saying, "Mom, can you get freak boy back in school please? I need my peace and quiet again in the home front". Tiger, I'm on it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrrrrrrr, it's chilly outside!

Well, like everyone else in this world, it's very cold here in the Midwest as well. We have been at extreme frigid temperatures for almost 1 week now. Our daily temperature gets to about 10 degrees with a below zero windchill. When we wake up in the morning, our temperature is a whooping -2 below. Sure makes you want to keep yourself inside!

Today I should be at work however my son is sick. Not sure with what, but we had a rough night and my brain is so fried, I'm surprised I can type this. I wish I could bake some bread, cookies, hot soup or something, but I need some groceries and that entails going to the store (in the freezing cold). So, we stay home and make do with what we have. May be soup from a can.

All of the Christmas decorations are down, it was such a good feeling even though I was sad to see them go. I do however break out the Snowmen and leave them up until February. I love Snowmen, they are just so cheerful. Last night while driving home I passed a home in town with a huge yard. As I was getting closer I could see figures standing close to the road. The family that lived there must have built at least 7 Snowmen of all different shapes and sizes. They lined their yard just waving at those that drive by. It was the cutest sight! We only have Snowmen inside, where it is nice and warm for them.

And you always feel more warm when there are fluffy kitties near by. In fact, this little miss is laying in between my arms as I am typing this post. She loves to cuddle and I'm so happy she does.

These two do love each other, but they have their share of fighting as well. Very rarely do they lay next to one another so when they did, I had to snap their pictures for being so well behaved. It was the morning of Colin's birthday and they were watching him unwrap one of his presents. Such good kitties.

I'm sure no matter where you are it's cold as well. Seems like the whole United States is experiencing colder than normal temperatures. Hope those poor oranges in Florida hold out.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little Buddy

Today my favorite little guy turned 11 years old. While he was opening up his presents many of his previous birthdays flashed before my eyes. He no longer needs me to help open his presents, he no longer sits on my lap while he opens them. He no longer gets toys for his birthday (electronics instead), he no longer claps his hands and gets excited over the cake and candles.

He does still enjoy his birthdays and allows his Mama to snap many pictures of him. He also enjoys the presents and candles, so I will take every minute while I can because time is fading quickly before my eyes.

His Nana and Papa gave him an authentic Bears football helmet. He loved it, he wore that thing off and on all night. It was a tad big for his head, but he didn't care at all.

As part of the birthday decorations I had those Chinese firecracker, pop things. Everyone had fun trying to pop them open, but we all gave Colin the trinkets inside. However, once he figured out each firecracker had a little hat inside, he told everyone to wear one.

Papa lighting his 11 candles.

Happy Birthday SweetPea. I hope all of your dreams come true.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye, Bye 2009

It's been swell, but I'm also looking forward to a new year hopefully full of exciting memories.