Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrrrrrrr, it's chilly outside!

Well, like everyone else in this world, it's very cold here in the Midwest as well. We have been at extreme frigid temperatures for almost 1 week now. Our daily temperature gets to about 10 degrees with a below zero windchill. When we wake up in the morning, our temperature is a whooping -2 below. Sure makes you want to keep yourself inside!

Today I should be at work however my son is sick. Not sure with what, but we had a rough night and my brain is so fried, I'm surprised I can type this. I wish I could bake some bread, cookies, hot soup or something, but I need some groceries and that entails going to the store (in the freezing cold). So, we stay home and make do with what we have. May be soup from a can.

All of the Christmas decorations are down, it was such a good feeling even though I was sad to see them go. I do however break out the Snowmen and leave them up until February. I love Snowmen, they are just so cheerful. Last night while driving home I passed a home in town with a huge yard. As I was getting closer I could see figures standing close to the road. The family that lived there must have built at least 7 Snowmen of all different shapes and sizes. They lined their yard just waving at those that drive by. It was the cutest sight! We only have Snowmen inside, where it is nice and warm for them.

And you always feel more warm when there are fluffy kitties near by. In fact, this little miss is laying in between my arms as I am typing this post. She loves to cuddle and I'm so happy she does.

These two do love each other, but they have their share of fighting as well. Very rarely do they lay next to one another so when they did, I had to snap their pictures for being so well behaved. It was the morning of Colin's birthday and they were watching him unwrap one of his presents. Such good kitties.

I'm sure no matter where you are it's cold as well. Seems like the whole United States is experiencing colder than normal temperatures. Hope those poor oranges in Florida hold out.

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  1. Since I am the nicest big sister in the whole entire world...I think you should give me that rolly polly little snowman on your header of your blog. k? ;)