Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

Today is my Grandma's 98th birthday. We are very lucky to have her with us today because a little over a week ago she had an accident at the nursing home and we were fearful we would lose her. This lady can conquer it all and she rebounded from a terrible fall and was having ice cream today because of it.

We actually celebrated her birthday yesterday so my Sister and family could be here with us. Mom wanted Shann to take Sophie, their little Shih Tzu out with us so Grandma could see her. That was the best part of her whole party, little Sophie girl. Grandma would not stop talking to her, feeding her, petting her and in return Sophie gave Grandma lots of kisses.

Grandma still has a lot of bruises and stitches on her, but she still looks 100% better than she did a week ago. She was as sharp as a whip at her party too and enjoyed opening up her presents.
Sophie got a little cake too.
And some more.

After the presents were opened we went back to her room to pack some things up she no longer wanted, tidied up her room and of course took some more pictures of all the ladies in the house.

Me and Grandma

Mom and Grandma

Shann and Grandma

Happy Birthday to one of the BEST Grandma's in the whole world.

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  1. We had a Wonderful Day. Sophie was a big hit. Thank you lord for another year with someone so very special to us.