Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little Buddy

Today my favorite little guy turned 11 years old. While he was opening up his presents many of his previous birthdays flashed before my eyes. He no longer needs me to help open his presents, he no longer sits on my lap while he opens them. He no longer gets toys for his birthday (electronics instead), he no longer claps his hands and gets excited over the cake and candles.

He does still enjoy his birthdays and allows his Mama to snap many pictures of him. He also enjoys the presents and candles, so I will take every minute while I can because time is fading quickly before my eyes.

His Nana and Papa gave him an authentic Bears football helmet. He loved it, he wore that thing off and on all night. It was a tad big for his head, but he didn't care at all.

As part of the birthday decorations I had those Chinese firecracker, pop things. Everyone had fun trying to pop them open, but we all gave Colin the trinkets inside. However, once he figured out each firecracker had a little hat inside, he told everyone to wear one.

Papa lighting his 11 candles.

Happy Birthday SweetPea. I hope all of your dreams come true.

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  1. Ahhhhh! We missed the party! We all hated it to....just so you know. Who was the good lookin couple in your pictures????? I LOVE IT!! Those hats really rock to. Love you and Miss you so much it hurts....
    The Big Sis