Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's No Michigan But It's A Humdinger of A Snow Storm!

Our little town was hit with a snow storm last night and today. My Michigan Sister may say "Snow...Smoh", but it's plenty for us. So much, the schools closed. I have a commute to work so I opted to stay home another day and work. If you remember, I was home yesterday because my son was sick. Let me tell you this, I need out of this house or a boy with too much stored up energy is going to throw me in the nut house.

All day the snowfall was so pretty. I just couldn't capture the huge snowflakes that were falling down. This is me looking out my front door.

This is me looking out my back patio and the snow is as tall as the first step. Actually it surpassed the step as the snow kept falling all afternoon.

Since I was home I decided to make us something yummy for breakfast. I told my Sister the other day I was craving French Toast, so that is what we had. Oh...... it was yummy too.

Poor Tiger, he didn't know what was going on. The ground was white, scary trucks were driving by making loud noises and a wild kid was constantly running around shooting Nerf darts. I'm sure if looks could kill, Colin would be dead. He must have been saying, "Mom, can you get freak boy back in school please? I need my peace and quiet again in the home front". Tiger, I'm on it.

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  1. Poor Kitty! Hope his kingdom is restored very soon. :)