Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basketball....I love it....then I hate it

Over two months later.....we are still playing ball, HOWEVER, the end is near. We are in tournament time, games this weekend and then next weekend. I do love watching Colin and his buddies play. I love visiting with the other Mom's and Dad's. Makes me feel more part of a community. But after living basketball for 2 1/2 months straight, I'm ready for a break (you would think I was the one actually playing ball).

Oh yes....we have a few weeks off......and then baseball starts. Ugh


  1. I am still rooting for #8 and #6! Gooooo team! :) I WILL be able to make some baseball games...right????? I sure hope so!
    Love, The Auntie

  2. Hey I heard my Little Buddy made 9 points last Game .....Go Colin Gramdma