Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogging Addiction

Last night I was talking to my Sister and she asked me if I looked at "So-and-so's" blog. I said "No, I haven't looked at blogs for a few days". She responded "What's wrong with you, you can't do such a thing!". I had to laugh.

My Sister got me addicted to blogging and from there it just snowballed. You know it's bad when your list of favorites is so long, they don't fit on your screen. Your son watches over your shoulder and says "You have THAT many favorites!?". Little does he know, those are the only ones I have saved. You know what I'm talking about, you click on a favorite blog and then you look at all of her favorite blogs, and then you go to that lady's favorite blogs and before you know forgot where you started from. Uh-hu, you know.

I have all types of blogs I look at; crafting, food, life in general, etc, etc, etc. Basically if a lady wants to write about it, chances are I'll read it. You can burn up hours sitting in front of the computer, so I do try to limit my time so I can actually accomplish something in an evening/weekend. But my favorite time to blog, early in the morning before Colin and the kitties get up. Just me, my PC and a cup of coffee. If I only have 15 minutes, then I hit my favorites and the others must wait for a weekend.

I added some new favorites to my side bar. These are the ones I go to time and time again. Many are crafting blogs and I just love the work these ladies produce. I'm so happy we have a bunch of women in this world that love to talk about their life and document it on-line. Just goes to show how we yearn to be with other women. Even if we may never get the chance to meet these wonderful people.


  1. Hi my name is Dawn and I am a blogaholic too, welcome.

  2. Hi my name is Shann and I am addicted to blogs. I feel soooo much better now. :)